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October 2007



Daedalic officially announces 2008 launch target

Much like its namesake, information about The Whispered World's upcoming release has been shared only in hushed murmurs until now. While Daedalic Entertainment quietly revealed a publishing agreement for the comic adventure at this year's GC, today the German publisher officially announced its plans for a worldwide release of the game in the fourth quarter of 2008.

What started out as a student project by Marco Hüllen originally led to a publishing deal with bad brain entertainment. When that partnership fell through, Whispered World looked to be in development limbo until Daedalic made its involvement known in Leipzig, though at the time there was no word on even a tentative release date.

The third-person, point-and-click game involves a boy named Sadwick, who earns his living as a clown, but finds himself on a journey with his pet worm after a meeting with a stranger, who offers him the chance to find enlightenment.

While not offering any new information or artwork at the moment, be sure to keep your eye on the newly-launched Whispered World website for future updates.



Teasers and footage of paranormal adventures unveiled

The supernatural continues to haunt the genre as the Halloween witching hour approaches, and new trailers of The Lost Crown and Theseis were unveiled today.

The Lost Crown video serves as a teaser for Jonathan Boakes' latest ghost hunting adventure, due out in mid-November. While not showing any in-game footage, the trailer helps set the eerie atmosphere of the game, which sends players to a creepy English seaside town on a paranormal investigation, using real tools and techniques to uncover an ancient mystery. The 46 MB trailer can either be downloaded or streamed online.

We haven't heard much about Track7's Theseis recently, but the independent Greek production is still going strong, as evidenced by the new footage shown in the latest trailer, which shows a cinematic view of one of the game's levels, known as the "Ruined House". The cross-platform, real-time 3D adventure puts players in the dual roles of step-siblings Andronicos and Pheve, who must explore the hidden network of caves beneath the streets of Athens and other long lost places of legend all over Greece. There they'll begin to uncover not only an ancient conspiracy, but an even more sinister presence that's been lying dormant for centuries, waiting for its chance to be freed again.

The new Theseis trailer can be found in the Downloads section at the game's website, and the developer promises more videos to come as the game prepares for its release some time in 2008.



Independent game features branching storyline and multiple endings

Anime is starting to gain some prominence in the genre these days, thanks mainly to the Nintendo DS and games such as Phoenix Wright and Another Code (both of which originated in Japan). Now it's beginning to makes its presence felt more strongly on the PC adventure scene, as independent developer Hanako Games have announced the release of Fatal Hearts.

In this third-person game, the player controls Christina Robinson, a typical fifteen-year-old who loves clothes, shopping and hanging out with her best friend Lucy. However, Christina also has strange dreams, often involving a nameless man who beckons her to find him. Her dreams aren't her only concern, either, as there have been violent murders of young women in town, and Christina will need to decide whom to trust and who is the enemy.

Fatal Hearts focuses on narrative storytelling with numerous choices and branch points that will influence how the story unfolds and what puzzles will need to be solved. The result of the branching storyline is fourteen different endings. If you choose to replay the game to try different paths and see the different endings, there is an option to skip previously solved puzzles.

The game is available only through download for $19.95 at the official website. There is also a"> 17 MB demo available that takes place at the beginning of the game.



Teaser introduces the upcoming historical adventure

If seeing is believing, then skeptics now have additional proof that Nostradamus - The Last Prophecy will soon come to pass, as the official website for the upcoming historical adventure has recently been unveiled.

In Nostradamus, the latest offering by Kheops and its partner studios, players are cast in the role of Madeleine, the daughter of the famed doctor and astrologer. Or more accurately, sometimes as Madeleine, and others in disguise as her brother César, as the game takes place in 16th century Provence, where a woman would never be accepted in scientific circles. On Nostadamus' instructions, Madeleine is sent to help Catherine de Médicis, who has fallen victim to a curse. What Madeleine soon discovers however, is a series of murders targeting the royal family that leads players into "a thriller where political scheming and ancestral prophecies are intertwined."

The new website opens with a trailer for the game (ignoring its "begins in September '07" claim, as clearly not all prophecies hold true), and offers additional background information about the game and its characters.



Playable sample of Wadjet Eye's prequel now available

There is no shortage of ghost stories floating around these days, but they aren't all about creepy old mansions and haunted cemeteries. One notable exception is the Blackwell series from Wadjet Eye Games, who has just released a playable demo of its latest independent adventure, Blackwell Unbound.

A prequel to the original Blackwell Legacy, Unbound stars the jaded Lauren Blackwell, spirit medium, and her ever-present, wisecracking sidekick, Joey Mallone. The catch is... Joey's dead, visible only as an apparition to the women in the Blackwell family. Together, Joey and each generation's Blackwell medium must seek out restless spirits and help them to move on to the next stage of afterlife. In this game, Lauren and Joey must team up to help the ghosts of a sax-playing jazz musician and a paranoid shut-in over the course of a single night in New York City, 1973.

The 27 MB demo begins at the start of the game, and can be downloaded directly from the developer's website.



The Secret Library takes players back to the puzzling world of Rhem

For adventure gamers who love condundrums, RHEM and RHEM 2 have provided a challenging gaming experience and resulted in a devoted following of the series. With few puzzle-intensive games released anymore, there hasn't been much to keep such fans busy of late, but now Knut Müller and RuneSoft are offering up an all-new adventure, as RHEM 3: The Secret Library is now available for purchase.

Continuing the story of its predecessors, the newest game sends players back to the familiar world of Rhem after receiving a letter from Zetais. After your arrival, you meet Zetais' brother Kales, who tells you of a black gem hidden somewhere in Rhem. In order to enter, two people must open the door but only one can enter, so it is left up to you to find your way through Rhem and solve the puzzles to find the gem.

The game is available for both PC and Mac, and can be purchased directly from the RuneSoft webshop or from select retailers.



Trials and Tribulations now shipping to retailers

Not content to offer up merely one highly-anticipated new adventure, Capcom is right back at it with the announcement that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations is now shipping to retailers in North America.

The third Ace Attorney game for the Nintendo DS, and the last to feature Phoenix Wright as its star, will once again cast players in the role of the spikey-haired defense attorney. Between investigating crime scenes, interviewing suspects, and probing witnesses on the stand in this quirky courtroom adventure, players will need to help Phoenix defend a series of clients who face seemingly impossible odds. Old friends (and opponents) return and new ones emerge, and in Trials and Tribulations, Phoenix "faces the toughest prosecutor yet, as the mysterious hard-boiled 'Godot' will try to take him down at any cost."

The game not only provides all new cases to solve, but promises to reveal the "complete story of Phoenix Wright", as the broader story arc running through the first two games reaches its climactic finale here.

For more information about Trials and Tribulations, and the Ace Attorney series in general, be sure to check out the official website.



First Wii exclusive adventure game now available

There is no shortage of new adventures for PC these days, but if you've been thinking that there haven't been many new adventure games to play on consoles, Capcom has welcome news on multiple fronts. Along with the DS release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulatations comes the news that Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is now available for retail purchase.

Zack & Wiki has been on many gamers' wish lists, as it's the first adventure game made solely for the Nintendo Wii. The game features a young apprentice pirate, Zack, who learns of the treasure of Captain Barbaros and must go in search of the mysterious island on which it's held. Zack isn't alone, as his enchanted friend Wiki accompanies him, along with the talking skull of Captain Barbaros, who has promised to help Zack find the treasure.

Promising to be much more physically interactive than traditional PC adventures, Zack & Wiki will make full use of the Wii remote to solve the many puzzles and navigate across seven different environments in order to collect all of the items needed to find the treasure.

The game will be available at most major retailers and for more information, be sure to visit the official website.



Trailer offers quick peek at the atmospheric horror adventure

First the demo and now a trailer... After the main course comes the dessert, and for Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder, the cinematic dessert is served chilled.

The new movie -- the first released for the Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure -- offers a brief but teasing glimpse into the story of detective Howard E. Loreid, whose murder investigation puts him on the trail of a former P.I. named Loath Nolder. Once a highly respected investigator himself, Nolder's reputation came unravelled when he disappeared for five years, reportedly involved in the occult. When wealthy eccentric Clark Field is murdered shortly after his return, Nolder is the prime suspect, and it's up to the player to discover his involvement. Tracking him down, however, means walking a fine line between sanity and insanity, as you "experience lucid horrifying dreams and are tormented by paranormal happenings."

The trailer is offered in both low and high resolution versions, and a list of available download locations can be found at the Lighthouse website.



Upcoming adventure game websites now available in English

If you've been wondering all about the upcoming murder mystery Art of Murder: FBI Confidential, the historical conspiracy thriller Mozart, or the lighthearted escapades of So Blonde, now you don't need to speak other languages to do it, as all three now have official websites available in English.

In Art of Murder: FBI Confidential, a gritty mystery out of Poland that should remind many of Still Life, players are cast in the role of young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet. When wealthy citizens of New York are brutally killed and have their hearts removed by a mysterious instrument, Nicole soon finds herself responsible for an investigation she is far too inexperienced to deserve. For more illumination (and you'll need it when you get there), check out the game's website.

Mozart puts players in the role of the musical genius himself, but not to make beautiful music. In Prague after launching his latest masterpiece opera, Mozart unwittingly becomes caught up in a sinister plot against his benefactor, and must overcome the conspiracy that involves both murder and the occult. For further information, or just to bask in the music, check out the Mozart site.

For those who prefer bright and colourful to dark and disturbing, So Blonde puts players in the fashionable shoes of young Sunny Blonde. Sunny's ocean cruise is abruptly ended by a storm that not only deposits her on a tropical island and robs her of all her luxury items, but transports her back to the days of pirates in the process. The So Blonde website has all the details. (Note: the somewhat inconspicuous translation flags are in the upper right.)



Gameplay and intro videos highlight Apollo Justice

Attorneys out of the land of the rising sun (a.k.a. Japan) have become very popular with adventure gamers. The first and foremost so far has been Phoenix Wright, who has starred in three of his own games in the Ace Attorney series, but Phoenix will be stepping aside for the fourth game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Now gamers can get a first peek at the new defense attorney in action with the release of two trailers.

Apollo Justice is the first of the Ace Attorney games to be made solely for the Nintendo DS, while the previous games were all made for the GameBoy Advance in Japan and ported to the DS.

Along with a new ace attorney, a new sidekick and mentor also appear in the videos. If you haven’t played the first three Ace Attorney games, be forewarned that these movies contain spoilers about what has happened to one of the characters in the previous games, so it may be prudent to delay viewing until you have played the games. The introductory trailer can be streamed or downloaded from GameVideos, as can the gameplay video.

There is no confirmed release date for the English version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney so be on the lookout for more evidence at Adventure Gamers.



Sam & Max back in action; Wii braced for first adventure

Go grab a (really, really small) bag of popcorn and get ready for Friday night at the movies. Today's double feature premiere: the first glimpse of Ice Station Santa, the debut episode of Sam & Max: Season Two, and a pair of all-new videos for Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, the first original adventure for the Nintendo Wii. They're trailers, of course, so perhaps calling them "movies" is a stretch, but what they lack in length they make up in being free.

In Ice Station Santa, something is dreadfully wrong at the North Pole, and it's up to the freelance police to pay a visit to the jolly ol' elf himself. The trailer offers a sneak peek at the adventure which should guarantee that you never see Christmas in quite the same way again. To stream the video, head on over to the Telltale website, or you can download the 56 MB file from sites like FileFront or WorthPlaying.

Zack & Wiki is a puzzle-filled adventure that promises to make full use of the Wii's unique controls. Controlling Zack, a young man with dreams of becoming the mightiest pirate in the world, and accompanied by a magical hand bell that can transform objects, players will explore many colourful but perilous worlds. A 75 MB cinematic trailer can be streamed or downloaded from FileFront, along with a 65 MB gameplay video, demonstrating just a couple of the environmental obstacles the game will offer.



Playable demo introduces Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure

As Halloween approaches, the inevitable spookfest of new horror adventures comes with it, and this year there will be plenty of scares to go around. But if you just can't wait to give yourself the willies, then wait no longer, as a demo for Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder has now been released.

The debut adventure from Zoetrope Interactive is heavily inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, and Darkness Within will ensure that players "toe the fine line between sanity and insanity", taking the storyline "deep into the dark recesses of the human psyche exploring themes such as the occult, nightmares and paranormal events." Players assume the role of detective Howard E. Loreid, who is called in to solve the murder of a wealthy eccentric. The prime suspect is a former private investigator, Loath Nolder, who disappeared mysteriously from his last case, only to return five years later amidst rumours that he'd been studying with tribal shamans and sorcerers in his absence. Now Nolder has disappeared again, and it'll be up to you to track him down and uncover the dark secrets that connect him to the case.

The 152 MB demo takes place early in the game, allowing players to exlore a creepy old house and its surroundings, including those that perhaps are best left undisturbed. A list of download sites is available from the Lighthouse Interactive website.



Game will be available in stores or by download

Culpa Innata has been on the radar for quite some time, and soon gamers in North America can finally experience it for themselves, as Strategy First has announced the game will be shipping to retail stores tomorrow.

The setting for Culpa Innata is a utopian society, The World Union, where there is no war or disease and only the elite are allowed. Within this supposedly perfect society, however, there are problems. The murder of a World Union citizen in the rogue state of Russia and the mysterious death of a professor prompt an investigation by peace officer Phoenix Wallis. She soon discovers that all is not well in the utopia in which she lives.

Along with boxed copies of the game that will be carried in most major retailers, a direct download will soon be available from the publisher, and the game will reportedly be available through GameTap, though no updated details have been revealed for that release.

For more insight into the World Union and the game itself, visit the Culpa Innata website.

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