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Two trailers exhibit the newest Ace Attorney

Attorneys out of the land of the rising sun (a.k.a. Japan) have become very popular with adventure gamers. The first and foremost so far has been Phoenix Wright, who has starred in three of his own games in the Ace Attorney series, but Phoenix will be stepping aside for the fourth game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Now gamers can get a first peek at the new defense attorney in action with the release of two trailers.

Apollo Justice is the first of the Ace Attorney games to be made solely for the Nintendo DS, while the previous games were all made for the GameBoy Advance in Japan and ported to the DS.

Along with a new ace attorney, a new sidekick and mentor also appear in the videos. If you haven’t played the first three Ace Attorney games, be forewarned that these movies contain spoilers about what has happened to one of the characters in the previous games, so it may be prudent to delay viewing until you have played the games. The introductory trailer can be streamed or downloaded from GameVideos, as can the gameplay video.

There is no confirmed release date for the English version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney so be on the lookout for more evidence at Adventure Gamers.

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