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PC anime adventure is alive with Fatal Hearts

Anime is starting to gain some prominence in the genre these days, thanks mainly to the Nintendo DS and games such as Phoenix Wright and Another Code (both of which originated in Japan). Now it's beginning to makes its presence felt more strongly on the PC adventure scene, as independent developer Hanako Games have announced the release of Fatal Hearts.

In this third-person game, the player controls Christina Robinson, a typical fifteen-year-old who loves clothes, shopping and hanging out with her best friend Lucy. However, Christina also has strange dreams, often involving a nameless man who beckons her to find him. Her dreams aren't her only concern, either, as there have been violent murders of young women in town, and Christina will need to decide whom to trust and who is the enemy.

Fatal Hearts focuses on narrative storytelling with numerous choices and branch points that will influence how the story unfolds and what puzzles will need to be solved. The result of the branching storyline is fourteen different endings. If you choose to replay the game to try different paths and see the different endings, there is an option to skip previously solved puzzles.

The game is available only through download for $19.95 at the official website. There is also a http://www.hanakogames.com/fatal.shtml#demo"> 17 MB demo available that takes place at the beginning of the game.

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