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September 2004



L'Art, a Polish developer, are nearly finished with their upcoming gangster themed adventure title, Boyz Don't Cry, with gold status near the end of this month. In the meanwhile they're also looking for interested publishers to help them launch this game.

Boyz Don't Cry will be a classic comedic style adventure in the spirit of past Sierra and LucasArts games. A colorful hand drawn cartoon illustrated world will be the setting for the story of two gangsters graced with a second chance by God to make up for their sinful pasts. To accomplish this you must negotiate them through acts of kindness and good deeds, which will often find them in hilarious situations.

Stay tuned with us for more breaking news on this title. Until then, pay a visit to the official Boyz Don't Cry website for more info, including screenshots.



The fruit and labour of High Voltage Software, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, is now being delayed even though it's all finished. Apparently, the game is just so hot for someone to handle, that publishers Vivendi Universal are censoring a lot of the explicit love scenes for the final release.

Will this make it any less of a Larry game? Hopefully not. Assuming the women still have luscious bodies, Larry Lovage will still have a lot to handle.



The Adventure Company has announced their plans to publish The Westerner in North America under the new name, WANTED: A Wild Western Adventure. Are they trying to launch a new style of emphasized first words in game titles, or is it just a coincidence? We'll never know.

Troubling the locals with his greedy thoughts, John Starek plans to buy the land off the town with any means available. It is up to you, Fenimore Filmore, to save the town from this crazy and get the girl of your dreams.

Read more about this wild cartoon adventure in our E3 preview.



GameSpy's written up a preview on Myst IV: Revelation. The two-page review goes into detail in the graphics aspect of the game, and touches a bit on the puzzles. It also mentions that Ubisoft are doing heavy in-house playtesting to make sure the puzzles are balanced, and various other bugs.


Another common complaint of former Myst players has been the difficulty of the puzzles (I'd still rank the fire marble puzzle from Riven as maybe the most overly convoluted in gaming history). The puzzles we saw during our playtest are certainly as elegant as ever, combining elements from mathematics, colors and sounds with codes or mechanical challenges. To make sure that the puzzles weren't too hard, Ubisoft has been doing extensive in-house playtesting -- something that Presto Studios (being an external studio) couldn't do to the same extent with Exile.


And, if you still get stuck, don't worry: Myst IV will have an in-game help system with three levels of help, ranging from small hints to outright solutions. As the team explained, the worst thing that could happen would be for someone to quit the game halfway through; they'd rather help someone through a difficult puzzle and let them see the entire game. Although you're not penalized for using the help system, you do get a rating at the end of the game, sort of like a palm reading, so there's some incentive to solving the game completely on your own.


Read the rest here.



In commemoration of the BBC's upcoming Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio shows (adapting the latter three books in Douglas Adams' beloved "trilogy"), the company is re-releasing Infocom's classic Hitchhiker's text adventure. Presumably, the text of the game itself will remain the same, but the BBC is updating it to include accompanying illustrations. Rod Lord, who did graphic work for the original Hitchhiker's TV series, will be working on the game.

The game--which Adams described as "user insulting" and "user mendacious" rather than "user friendly"--will be hosted on the BBC's website.

August 2004



Game Chronicles have a review up for Uru: Complete Chronicles which includes the original Uru and its two expansions all in one nifty little package, complete with a couple of new clothes and other character style choices.

With an overall score of 9.4, they award it with GCM Editor's Award:


Uru is a substantial adventure and thoroughly exploring all of the Ages in the original and both expansions should easily take you 60+ hours. Many of the quests and even some areas are optional and it’s possible to complete the story without doing everything, but seasoned adventurers will want to explore every last nook and cranny. There is so much to see and do and you will be lucky to find it all on your first pass. Just finding all the Relto pages to customize your personal Age will take you hours.


Read the full review here.



The Adventure Company just announced that XXv Productions' first-person adventure Dark Fall: Lights Out has shipped to retail stores. The sequel to 2002's Dark Fall: The Journal "offers more than 50 realistic pre-rendered locations to explore in a startling ghost story weaved with multiple chilling subplots".

For more, check out Adventure Gamers' review of The Journal and preview of Lights Out, as well as the game's official site.

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