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New cyberpunk text adventure decoded in CYPHER

You may have thought that commercial text adventures were a thing of the past, but the Cabrera Brothers' CYPHER shows they now belong to a gritty, dangerous cyberpunk future as well.

In CYPHER: A Cyberpunk Text Adventure, players control a formerly successful smuggler, now trying to get back into the game after a visit to the moon colonies.  With business slow, you accept a job from a French cook named Lime, but the deal goes dreadfully wrong.  Now you're a "moving target with an incomplete upload inside your Synapse everybody seems to be after. The chase through the streets of NeoSushi has just begun. How far will you go to stay alive tonight?"

Described by its indie developers as a "fast paced action" game that's like "popcorn on a Saturday night with friends", for the most part CYPHER is an unapologetically old-school text adventure complete with parser, as seen in the game's introductory trailer. However, the game does include music and some stylish animations to illustrate key actions performed by the player, like connecting to the Taiko-QRS, a portable hacking system. 

CYPHER is available now for both PC and Mac, in three different DRM-free downloadable editions directly from the developers.  Every version includes the soundtrack, manual, and a host of digital "feelies", and a hint book is included in the more expensive versions, among other extras.

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