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February 2005



Turkish developer hopes to begin new project

Turkish developer Aedon Games has announced they've cancelled production on Loath Nolder: Labores Solis. This detective-based, psychological horror game had been targeted for a mid-2005 release date, but according to Producer Atalay Kelestemur, the game had exceeded its projected schedule and budget, forcing them to discontinue development.

However, undaunted by this setback, Kelestemur says the team remains committed to making games, and promises to return with a new project in time. The Aedon website simply hints at another game "soon".



There's a screenshot to prove it

The Spanish developer Revistronic is working on a third game based on the wild west character Fenimore Fillmore, continuing the series that so far consists of 3 Skulls of the Toltecs and The Westerner (named Wanted in North America).

The website Mr. Bill's Adventureland has the first screenshot of the game. The site also says the title has been eight months into production as of January 2005, and that its release may be as close as six months from now -- if the title manages to find a publisher on time.



Or was it Indigo Prophecy? Atari officially announced as new publisher

Even though the rumors have been circling in the gaming press for some time now, Atari and Quantic Dream have officially announced that Atari is the new publisher for the paranormal thriller Fahrenheit, currently one of 2005's most anticipated adventure games.

Fahrenheit promises to bring some innovations to the adventure genre, as the player can assume control over several different characters and experience the game from multiple viewpoints. Also traditional cinematic effects such as actor direction, multi-camera views and split-screens will be used to immerse the player in the gaming universe. "A powerful connection is created between the player and the action on-screen, where every turn and every micro-decision has serious consequences", states Martin Spiess, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Atari Europe.

Fahrenheit takes place in a New York City that is stunned by a series of mysterious murders, all following the same pattern. Lucas Kane becomes another one of these murderers when he suddenly kills a stranger in a men's washroom. Covered in blood, Lucas regains consciousness with no recollection as to why he committed the murder. Hunted by police, Lucas must solve the mystery before being caught and incarcerated for life.

It has been reported that Fahrenheit will be renamed to Indigo Prophecy in North America, perhaps due to a certain controversial documentary with a similar name? However, today's announcement does not mention a name change.

The game's release date has now been put back to September, when it will be released for PC, PS2 and Xbox.

Gamer's Hell has posted four new screenshots from the PS2 version of the game.



Beenox bring Myst V to your Apple this fall

Beenox, a company working on alternate platform solutions, announced today that they are working on 10 new projects, including the Mac version of Myst V: End of Ages. The game is currently under development at Cyan Worlds.

The Myst series has been highly profiled on the Mac since the very beginning of the series, although it took a huge blow last November, when the Mac version of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst was cancelled due to an issue involving the physics engine used in the game.

The fifth, and last game in the Myst saga is coming for the PC and the Macintosh in the fall of 2005.



New mystery-adventure - featuring dead monkeys!

WRF Studios announced today the release of Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants, promising "a spine-tingling story of terror, mysterious puzzles and bizarre imagery". In this first-person adventure, players take on the task to explore a New Orleans estate, where a dark spirit, spawned through the death of a cursed monkey, has governed for fifty years.

You can find more info on the the game's official site, where you can also buy the game, or download the trailer or a demo.



Agatha Christie title to feature a 2.5D engine

Computer Games Magazine have interviewed Scott Nixon, from the development team of the first Agatha Christie game, And Then There Were None. He finally reveals the identity of the playble 11th character, the boatman. He's called Patrick Narracott and is the brother of the boatman from the novel.

Also revealed in this interview is the choice of engine, which is being referred to as 2.5D, as in having 3D characters walking around on 2D backdrops. As had already been confirmed, the game will play out in third-person. Scott also tells us that anyone who hasn't read the novel won't have a harder time with the game than Agatha Christie veterans, although years of reading Christie's novels must be good practice for the kind of detective work required in-game. They promise entirely logical puzzles and the total absence of any kind of jumping puzzles.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the interview, is where they talk about character interaction. Patrick Narracott won't be a passive entity amongst the ten people on the island and quickly finds that people don't really trust anyone when everyone starts dropping down dead around you. The other characters will base their opinion on you entirely on your actions. You might've had a nice peaceful conversation with someone one day, but realize that he's got his ears and eyes peeled wide open for you the next day. "Every character has a weakness that you can exploit if you find out what it is, and this weakness can be either a positive or a negative."

If everything works out as planned (but when does that ever happen?), the game is heading into raving fans' hands in June.



Comic book licensed for "character driven adventure"
Telltale Games has announced Bone, finally revealing the "exciting license" they've been hinting at for the past couple of months. Bone is a popular independent comic book series consisting of 55 issues and created by Jeff Smith. Telltale's game will be based on the first book "Out From Boneville". You can read more about Bone at the cartoon's official website.


A teaser page on Telltale's website reads: "Telltale Games brings you all the humor, charm and mystery of Jeff Smith's acclaimed comic book series Bone. Fans of the comic and adventure gamers alike will find a new home in the valley, as they explore familiar locations and interact with its residents in this character driven adventure."

More details on the game can presumably be expected soon. Keep your eyes peeled.



Atari confirmed as the new publisher

Although not officially announced, we've been able to confirm rumors that Fahrenheit has found a new North American publisher in Atari, which will change the game's title to Indigo Prophecy. The game now has an expected release date of June 7.

Developer Quantic Dreams cut ties with publisher Vivendi in November 2004, but hinted it had another publisher lined up. The cinematic adventure was originally conceived as an episodic series, but was later restructured to be a single stand-alone game. It is in development for PC, PS2, and Xbox.



Writer Lee Sheldon interviewed

The Quandary has interviewed Lee Sheldon following the announcement of And Then There Were None, the first in a series of adventure games to be based on the mystery novels of Agatha Christie. Sheldon is the story and dialog writer for the project.

The interview confirms that the game will be played from a third person perspective, and that the main character is "a fleshed out character with a past." Players will assume the role of a new 11th character in the story, currently known only as the boatman.

On The Adventure Company's choice for And Then There Were None as the first Agathie Christie game, Sheldon says it's a plus for marketing to start with a well-known title. The setting of an island also gives a restricted setting, allowing the player to wander freely without artificial borders. Sheldon says future games may involve well-known Christie detectives Poirot or Marple.

Read the full interview for more on the game, including Lee Sheldon's thoughts on the challenges of adapting a known novel.



First episode of supernatural adventure series in development

The first game of a new ten-volume supernatural adventure series is preparing to burst onto the gaming scene in only a few short months.

As featured in a recent story on Just Adventure +, Big Time Games has officially announced they are working on what is planned to be a long series of adventure games starring a young detective with psychic abilities. The first game in the series, Delaware St. John Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor, is already well into development, with an expected release date in May 2005.

In this debut episode, titular hero Delaware St. John is plagued by the voices of haunted souls in Morrisville Manor, who plead with him for help. Through the use of an electronic communicator, St. John teams with his partner Kelly Bradford to investigate the tragic mystery of the Manor. Unfortunately for him, he must also avoid becoming another victim of the Manor's curse, as something evil still lurks in the shadows of the old, abandoned building.

According to developer Bryan Wiegele, who was previously the driving force behind the chilling Inherent Evil, each game will be a standalone title, and the series does not need to be played in full, or in sequence. However, collectively the volumes focus strongly on developing the game's central characters, and create an over-arching storyline that builds towards a final resolution. The current plan is to release a new episode on CD every six months, with a retail price of $19.99 (U.S.)

With a heavy emphasis on exploration and "real world" challenges under decidedly paranormal circumstances, Delaware St. John attempts to emulate the best parts of such titles as The Beast Within, Phantasmagoria, and The 7th Guest, which Wiegele cites as his gaming influences. Bold ambitions, to be sure, but good news for adventure fans longing for more supernatural mystery.



More glimpses of Still Life - and word of a demo

The Adventure Company has sent us a batch of new screenshots from Still Life, Microïds latest mystery adventure. They are all available in our screenshots gallery. Still Life convinced our previewer into saying that "Microïds has served up one deliciously wicked game, and may well have set the pace for this year’s games", and is one of the most anticipated adventures in 2005. Watch out for it's release in April.

Also, we've gotten the word that a demo version of the game is near, and should be available for download sometime next week.



Download the North American trial version

The Adventure Company has released a demo version of The Moment of Silence, the adventure that's due for release this month in North America. The demo ticks in at 146MB, and can be downloaded from 3D Gamers.

The acclaimed adventure was released last October in Europe, where it became one of last year's biggest adventure hits. For your viewing pleasure, we have posted the game's North American cover art:




It won't be a sequel...

Martin Ganteföhr, the lead designer of the dystopian sci-fi adventure The Moment of Silence, has commented on House of Tales' next unannounced game.

"As you may have guessed from the ending(s), we have planned for a sequel...", he writes in a topic at game community GameBoomers. However, despite a sequel being planned, Ganteföhr says it isn't the next game they're working on.

About the unannounced, non-sequel project, he offers only the following tidbits: "1. The only news about our next game is that we're working on it. 2. Yes, it will be a 3rd person game. 3. We will reduce the dialogue a little and teach our characters more acting, read: body acting. 4. It's going to be really cool (I think)."

Given that The Moment of Silence is still about to come out in the US, it's far too early to expect an official announcement of what's next. Still, it's good to know that House of Tales has got its long-term plans in place.



Demo versions available for the three first games in the adventure serial

Private Moon Studios has released demo versions of the three first parts of their serialized adventure game, Agon, which they proclaim to be "the world's first adventure game series". The adventure game will eventually grow to consist of fourteen chapters, however only the three first are currently available, with the fourth part to be released soon.

You can download the demo versions over at Agon's website, where you can also buy the game in the online shop.

In Agon, players take on the role of Sam Hunt, a professor at the British Museum in 1903. One night you receive an anonymous letter and a page torn from a book that references an ancient board game lost to the ages. Intrigued, you begin to hunt down clues that will, by the end of the story, lead you to twelve far-flung locations across the globe and to the existence of the ultimate game - AGON.

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