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October 2009



Playable sampler eases short delay until the full game's release

There's good news and bad news when it comes to 3 Cards to Dead Time, the story-driven casual game sequel to 3 Cards to Midnight. The good news is, you can play it now! The bad news for those anxiously awaiting the previously-targeted Halloween deadline, for now you'll have to make do with a playable demo.

All Hallow's Eve does figure prominently in the story, however. In 1929, a man calling himself "The Magician" disappeared suddenly with a select group of guests in a small town in Maine. Today, haunted by dreams of a ghostly woman she doesn't know, Jess Silloway is drawn to a bed & breakfast at Beacon Bay along with a group of enthusiastic ghost hunters. Once there, the mystery begins to unravel for her as "something starts to feel...familiar..."

Like its predecessor, 3 Cards to Dead Time is more of a word game than a traditional adventure, challenging players to deduce riddles and find connections between themes in objects on screen. The demo takes place at the start of the full game, offering a brief tutorial and introducing the unique form of gameplay.

The 85 MB sampler can be downloaded from the official website, though not directly. To access the demo, you'll need to register your email address before a download link is provided.

The full version of 3 Cards to Dead Time is not far off, as the game is in its final polishing stage prior to release in another month.



The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood now available on PC

Guybrush Threepwood has been in some trying situations before, but none quite so literally as Chapter 4 of Tales of Monkey Island, released today for PC.

In the appropriately-titled The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, the series' lovable protagonist returns to Flotsam Island, but finds himself the target of some deadly new challenges when he is "seized by an angry mob and put on trial! With a silk-tongued prosecutor in his face and a hangman's noose dangling over his neck, Guybrush must figure out how to defend himself against grave accusations."

This penultimate Tales of Monkey Island episode is currently available only for PC and only as part of the full season package, though its WiiWare release is expected shortly.



Konami's unique time-travelling adventure available on Sony's handheld next year

An oft-overlooked cult classic will soon be getting a second chance, as Konami today officially announced that Shadow of Destiny (or Shadow of Memories), will be ported to the Sony PSP next year.

In Shadow of Destiny, originally released for both PC and PlayStation 2, players have to help 22 year-old Eike solve his own murder by using a special device that lets him travel through time. The time machine will take Eike and the player through many eras ranging from the 1500s to the present day. What the player does in the past will affect the future and will lead to one of the game’s multiple endings.

Shadow of Destiny for the PSP is scheduled for launch in 2010. For more information, be sure to check out our review of the game.



Cards of Destiny to be released in November

City Interactive have now released a new trailer for their upcoming game Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny, which is due to be released next month.

In this third game of the Art of Murder series, FBI agent Nicole Bonnet receives a package from a serial killer containing a complicated logic puzzle. This is only the start of the trail that Nicole must follow to find the murderer who leaves playing cards on the bodies of his victims.

The tense and danger-filled trailer shows Nicole receiving the killer’s package and investigating many shadowy locations, where she must continue to solve the puzzles left behind by the killer.

Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny is currently scheduled for release this November.



Robot-themed adventure from Samorost designer now available for purchase

With nearly mechanical precision, Amanita Design's robot-themed Machinarium released today on schedule, and the game is now available for download for PC and Mac.

In the first full-fledged adventure from the creator of the Samorost games, Machinarium puts players in the steel shoes of a robot cast out of a towering mechanical city. Solving a variety of environmental puzzles along the way, the little protagonist will need to work his way back into the city in order to save his girlfriend and stop a destructive plot by a nefarious group of thugs called the Black Cap brotherhood.

Machinarium is available at a variety of download portals such as Steam, GamersGate, and Direct2Drive, and is also offered directly from the developer's website, which includes the game's soundtrack as well.



Standalone sampler heralds new independent paranormal mystery coming soon

They say good things come in threes, and that's true of today's news for fans of paranormal mystery adventures. Not only has indie developer Ethereal Darkness unveiled a new game in production called STATIC: Investigator Training, the target launch date is as soon as October 31st, and best of all, a playable demo has now been released.

Actually, make that four good things, as the sampler is a standalone mini-adventure that doesn't take place in the full game. The demo casts players in the role of Lindsey, an "anchor investigator" for Berkshire Paranormal who is sent to the room of Mary Houghton, daughter of an early 20th century mayor. Mary, her father, and the family chauffeur were all involved in a deadly car accident that led to still more tragic events for the survivors in the Houghton Mansion. Now, armed only with flashlight, digital camera, EMF device, and voice recorder, players must guide Lindsey though Mary's room to begin uncovering the truth behind the Houghton mystery.

In the real game, which is based on the true history of the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts, players will control Julie Masters, a new and ambitious member of Berkshire Paranormal. Julie's task is much more involved, as she must "investigate the mansion and surrounding areas collecting evidence; though paranormal events have been documented at the mansion Julie ends up uncovering an interesting addition to the ghostly history." A point-and-click, third-person adventure, STATIC in some ways resembles earlier FMV titles like Phantasmagoria, with its combination of photorealistic backgrounds and live-action characters.

The 124 MB demo of STATIC: Investigator Training can be downloaded from the official website. The full game will be available from the same site as a download for $9.95, and the developers are currently hoping to release in time for Halloween.



Video offers first live gimpse of PC sequel due later this month

City Interactive has released the first trailer for Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life, along with the confirmation that the game will ship at the end of the month.

In this PC sequel to The Scorpio Ritual (not to be confused with the casualized DS remake of the original, The Curse of the Ancient Temple), archaeologist Sylvie Leroux travels from exotic European locations into the back alleys of Cairo to discover the truth behind the legend of the Tree of Life. The trailer shows that her path is fraught with danger, however, giving viewers a glimpse of masked villains and murders along the way.

There isn’t much longer to wait to find out more about Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life, as the game is due to release on October 27th.



First boxed version of Kheops' sequel available soon in UK

The game that was so much fun orginally, the developers just had to revisit it again will soon be available in boxed form for the first time, as Iceberg Interactive announced today that Return to Mysterious Island 2 is now shipping to retailers in the UK.

Available only through digital distribtion to this point, the sequel to Kheops' popular adventure starts right where its predecessor left off, as Mina and her simian pal Jep are poised for rescue from the deserted island once inhabited by Captain Nemo. That attempt goes horribly awry, of course, and now the two must team up more closely than ever to once again survive the island's many perils. Making matters worse, a dangerous green gas begins clouding the island, killing flora and fauna alike in its wake, so this time not only the protagonists are at risk, but the island itself.

One feature not found in all of the downloadable versions of the game is its synchronization with the iPhone, which allows certain puzzles to be completed separately from the PC and then reintegrated back into the main game. This version also includes a Chat module, giving players the opportunity for text communication with others in-game through a "separate and independent interface".

For more information about Return to Mysterious Island 2, be sure to check out our review of the game.



Official website for Autumn Moon's upcoming adventure goes live

With the release of the German version of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island getting close, English gamers can at least be satisfied with dtp’s launch of the official website today.

The new site allows pirate wannabes to find out more about the game and its three main characters; Papa Doc, Jane Sterling and Blue Belly. In this new game from Autumn Moon, all three fall victim to a curse by Queen Zimbi and her Vooju magic. The player must help the trio, who have been turned into ghosts, regain their human forms and stop the evil queen.

The new website is in German by default, but clicking on the flag in the top right hand corner will bring up an English version of the page.

There is still no word on a target date for the English release, but in the meantime, be sure to check out our recent preview, which includes an interview with Autumn Moon’s Bill Tiller.



New Samorost-style console adventure available for download

The Xbox 360 continues to dominate the adventure landscape today. Along with the release of Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, an all-new adventure called Axel & Pixel is also now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

A point-and click-adventure exclusively for the Xbox 360, Axel & Pixel tells the story of its eponymous heroes, an artist named Axel and his dog Pixel. Together the duo must travel through "24 levels of stylized photo collage environments" that challenge players to "scale majestic mountains, build rafts to cross treacherous rivers, and fly away in a hot air balloon through the Dream World."

The look and style of the game will be instantly familiar to fans of Samorost, but Axel & Pixel will also allow players to scour for bonus items that include "dog bones, sketches and paint tubes hidden throughout the Dream World that give Axel the tools and inspiration to complete his finest work of art."

Axel & Pixel is available for download worldwide at a cost of 800 Microsoft Points. For more information about the game, have a look at the official website.



Retitled Beyond Time and Space now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the Sam & Max hoopla so far, or just have a hankering for more canine shamus and hyperkinetic rabbity thing mayhem on your Xbox, you’ll find it today in Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space on Xbox LIVE arcade.

All five episodes of Sam &Max’s Season Two are included in the retitled bundle, available for the first time on home console. In Beyond Time and Space Sam & Max are pitted against “a demon-possessed Santa Claus, gigantic robots, and an emo vampire amassing an army of rave-loving zombies.” The Xbox 360 version has been adapted for the system with a new control scheme, achievements, HD graphic support, and subtitles in a variety of languages.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space is available for download now for 1600 Microsoft Points.



Warnings at Waverly Academy available now at North American retailers

Her Interactive today announced that the new Nancy Drew adventure, Warnings at Waverly Academy, is now available in stores across North America.

In her 21st PC adventure, Nancy goes undercover at an all girls school to discover who is behind the recent attempts to threaten the school’s valedictorian candidates. To build a case, Nancy must collect evidence using the camera on her mobile phone while helping fellow pupils with projects and blending into the ever-precarious social scene.

Along with the retail release, Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy can be downloaded from the Her Interactive website, where you can also find the playable demo recently released.



Publishing partners being sought for indie first-person sci-fi adventure

It's not exactly "news", but for those who haven't yet heard of Dan Markosian's Slip Space: A Burma-Shave Analogy, a new selection of exclusive screenshots just released may be the first introduction to the independent adventure.

Slip Space casts players in the role of an involuntary agent of the Strategic Intelligence Alliance, which has secretly given you a brain implant and assigned you to investigate a potential threat. The danger in question is a building that keeps appearing and disappearing, bearing the sign "The Golden Age of Advertising". Players soon learn of the "theory of shifting temporal perception", and the building turns out to be a temporal-dimension transporter that ultimately leads to alternate Slip-Space universes. From a central location called the Shave, players must follow in the footsteps of the builder's five sons, discovering "more about the mission and origin of the Strategic Intelligence Alliance, and possible explanations for the curious fact that all five sons were born at exactly the same time."

The game will feature a traditional point-and-click, first-person control scheme that takes players through six major environments full of ambient animations and "continuous non-repeating environmental sound effects and music". Progression promises to be non-linear, allowing players to tackle the "large-scale integrated puzzles in each environment" in varying order.

All this is the work of just one man, and Markosian's extensive efforts are at last nearing completion, as he expects to be finished the game within the next two months. When we might see the game, however, is still up in the air, as the developer is currently seeking publishing opportunities to bring the game to retail markets. In the meantime, be sure to check out the official Slip Space website for more information.



Playable sampler of 21st PC adventure sends the teen detective back to school

If you're the superstitious type, it's bad luck to let a black cat cross your path. But that's exactly what will happen in today's demo release for the upcoming Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.

In her 21st PC adventure, Nancy is heading back to class, going undercover at an all-girls boarding school. A mysterious troublemaker has been leaving threatening messages for the valedictorian candidates and signing them the "Black Cat". This proves to be no mere prank, however, as one of the girls has recently disappeared, and it's up to Nancy to sort through the crisis without becoming the latest victim herself.

The demo starts players off at the beginning of the game, and has Nancy settling in to the Waverly Academy and meeting some of her schoolmates. Some areas are off-limits in the demo, but you can still take time for a quick game of air hockey or making lunches along the way. To download the 244 MB sampler, head over to the Her Interactive website (under "Download Demo Games", where you'll also find an online version of the snack order minigame.

Pre-orders of the game have already begun shipping, and Warnings at Waverly Academy is due for widespread release later this month.

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