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Return to Mysterious Island 2 now shipping

The game that was so much fun orginally, the developers just had to revisit it again will soon be available in boxed form for the first time, as Iceberg Interactive announced today that Return to Mysterious Island 2 is now shipping to retailers in the UK.

Available only through digital distribtion to this point, the sequel to Kheops' popular adventure starts right where its predecessor left off, as Mina and her simian pal Jep are poised for rescue from the deserted island once inhabited by Captain Nemo. That attempt goes horribly awry, of course, and now the two must team up more closely than ever to once again survive the island's many perils. Making matters worse, a dangerous green gas begins clouding the island, killing flora and fauna alike in its wake, so this time not only the protagonists are at risk, but the island itself.

One feature not found in all of the downloadable versions of the game is its synchronization with the iPhone, which allows certain puzzles to be completed separately from the PC and then reintegrated back into the main game. This version also includes a Chat module, giving players the opportunity for text communication with others in-game through a "separate and independent interface".

For more information about Return to Mysterious Island 2, be sure to check out our review of the game.

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