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January 2007



Limited edition also includes signed photograph

Wadjet Eye Games has recently revealed that their independent adventures The Shivah and The Blackwell Legacy are now available for purchase on CD. The games could previously only be purchased as downloads, but users that are still using dial-up connections or simply want the game in their collection now have the chance to buy it in CD format.

Each package contains a CD jewel case with a copy of the game, as well as a copy of the soundtrack. Also, a limited edition of Blackwell Legacy is available for $5 more, which also includes a signed 5 x 7 photograph of the Blackwell poster. The photograph is limited to the first 15 copies ordered.

The games are available for purchase both as download and CD-ROM from Wadjet Eye's webstore.



Holidays and adventure coming your way in new trailer

Although the point-and-clicker Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle has already been released in various parts of Europe, Australia and Canada, the UK and American release has been pushed back several times, now scheduled for release in March.

To shorten the wait, Pendulo Studios has released a brand new trailer, showing off new locations and gameplay tidbits from the globetrotting adventure. The trailer is accompanied by a new song from the artist Vera, who has also written 12 songs for the game's soundtrack. If you're tired of winter and low temperatures and dreaming of holiday and adventure, be sure to download the new trailer, or stream it from Runaway's official website.

Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle will be released by Ascaron in the UK on March 9th, and in North America by CDV on March 12th.



6th annual Adventure Game Studio Awards open for voting

After an initial round of open nominations, the nominees for the 2006 AGS Awards were announced today. The AGS Awards honor the best (and worst) games created with the popular Adventure Game Studio engine in a given year.

This year is an interesting one for the awards, because for the first time multiple high-profile commercial games, including Al Emmo and The Lost Dutchman's Mine, The Shivah, The Blackwell Legacy and Super Jazz Man, are competing against the Underground games that have made up the nominees in years past.

Although several of the commercial entries did well, the bigger winner today was Reactor 09 by Bernhard 'Bernie' Politsch, which (appropriately enough) took nine nominations.

The final winner in each category will now be determined by open vote, running until February 11. Visit the Awards site to see the nominees. Voters are asked to only vote in categories where they have played all the nominated games. To make that easier, a torrent file with all the nominated games (with demos of the commercial ones) is available.



New Wintermute version is free

Following hot on the announcement that the full version of the adventure game toolkit SLUDGE is now freeware, a new version of the Wintermute Engine (WME) has also been released free for all use.

Wintermute is the engine used by games such as the white chamber and Five Magical Amulets. While Underground games have always been allowed to use it for free, the license previously required commercial projects to negotiate payment terms. Now, all of this has been replaced by voluntary donations.

The new version of the engine also includes a number of fixes and new features, so check it out at



'Cure' is nothing to sneeze at

If you don't know what to do for the next ten minutes, why not play A Cure for the Common Cold? Cure is the first game by AGS Forums regular 'MashPotato', and is a short, two-room affair.

You are a starving artist who might just be about to get your big break. Unfortunately you have no paintings to show, and with a bad cold you can't get inspiration. Can you find a cure and release your muse?



Uru Live to debut in fourteen countries on February 15th

GameTap announced today that February 15th has been set as the date for the official launch of its highly-anticipated multiplayer adventure Myst Online: Uru Live. Better yet, the game will be available to players in fourteen different countries when it debuts, not just to GameTap subscribers in the United States and Canada.

While players can already explore various areas in Myst Online during its current open beta phase, the official launch will be marked by the release of another new garden "Age" along with an intricate multiplayer puzzle to solve. Further new content is expected to be introduced on an ongoing regular basis following the game's launch.

For players outside of North America, Myst Online will be available through direct download from the official website, and according to GameTap, "all players will be able to interact in the same game world." A list of eligible countries will be made available on the website.



Third game of Season 1 now available on GameTap

Continuing at a breakneck pace (or at least breaking something if the Freelance Police are involved) and right on schedule, Telltale and GameTap have once again joined forces to launch the third episode of Sam & Max: Season 1.

As with the previous two episodes, The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball is available exclusively to subscribers of GameTap's broadband network for two weeks, at which point it will be released for worldwide purchase and download on February 8th.

In Episode 3, the comic duo must infiltrate the goofy-mask-wearing mob at the Ted E. Bear Mafia-Free Playland and Casino in pursuit of a missing mole. But in order to gain an audience with the Don, they'll first need to prove their loyalty and worth to become "made"... uh... canine and rabbity thing.



Full version of development kit made freeware

The excellent Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment (SLUDGE) is now available for free from Hungry Software. This toolkit was used to make such renowned underground titles as Out of Order, Frasse and the Peas of Kejick and The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship.

The newest freeware release of the SLUDGE engine has all the functionality previously available only to registered users. Movie playback, scrolling, parallax backgrounds, anti-aliasing, light maps and speech packs are some of the extras now bundled in to version 1.7.



Yahtzee's 6 Days a Sacrifice released

What comes before 7 and after 5? And after Notes, too...? Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw has released what he says will be the last in the "Days" series of games: 6 Days a Sacrifice. In the run up to the release, Yahtzee had released three interactive fiction (text-only) adventures that gave clues to the events of the upcoming adventure and now all four new games are available for download from Yahtzee's site.

Yahtzee says that the game is meant to tie up all the loose ends of the series and it is set exactly halfway between the events of 5 Days and 7 Days. You play a council environmental health officer sent to do a safety check on a local cult group... and get embroiled in the deep mysteries of the DeFoes.



Sequel to Czech murder mystery announced

The German publisher dtp entertainment AG has confirmed that The Black Mirror 2, the adventure sequel to 2004's The Black Mirror, is under development over at Future Games. The Czech developer was also responsible for the first game, and is currently working on the concept stages for the sequel.

"We received tons of mail from adventure gaming fans who clamoured for a new entry in the Black Mirror story. Black Mirror 2 is our answer to these calls", said said Achim Heidelauf, Senior Producer at dtp entertainment. No further details have been revealed regarding the game's story or gameplay, nor has the release date. Adventure Gamers will bring more details as they become available.



Stylish new "interactive novel" for DS now released

Get your stylus at the ready, as Nintendo has announced the release of the highly-anticipated Nintendo DS adventure Hotel Dusk: Room 215 in North America.

Developed by Cing, the team responsible for Another Code (Trace Memory), the new game is being referred to by its publisher as an "interactive novel" because of its heavy emphasis on storytelling. Taking place in 1979, players assume the role of a former detective named Kyle Hyde, who "checks into the seedy Hotel Dusk in Los Angeles and suddenly finds himself embroiled in a 30-year-old murder mystery." Through conversations with over a dozen people, the player must make key dialogue decisions in order to move the story forward to a successful conclusion.

Unlike most DS games, Hotel Dusk is played with the system held sideways like a book, and its dual screens "display stylized sketch animation evoking a comic-book-like film noir."

For more information about Hotel Dusk: Room 215, be sure to check out the game's official website.



Popular Italian criminologist Julia coming to PC

A new comic character will soon be heading to PC in the person of Julia, as Artematica announced development on an adventure game based on the popular Italian criminologist.

The creation of Giancarlo Berardi, Julia Kendall possesses more than a little (intentional) resemblance to Audrey Hepburn. The 30-something Julia has been designed by Berardi not as a stereotypical sex symbol, but an introspective, well-educated modern woman with a classic beauty. She lives in Garden City, not far from New York, where she works in close collaboration with the police, contributing her expertise in criminal psychology to solve cases received from the District Attorney. No specific details about the game's plot have yet been revealed.

The decison by Artematica to create a comic adaptation should come as no surprise, as the studio has previously released Druuna and Martin Mystere, with Diabolik still to come.

Julia is currently scheduled for release late this year.



New downloads available for supernatural adventure

Wadjet Eye Games, the independent developer probably best known for The Shivah, has launched a new demo for The Blackwell Legacy, which was released last December. Based on the story and characters of writer Dave Gilbert's previously released freeware title, Bestowers of Eternity, this supernatural adventure puts you in the role of Rosangela Blackwell, a would-be writer and spirit medium living in New York City. Along with her "spirit guide" Joey Mallone, her first case will involve a series of unnatural suicides at a local university.

The Blackwell Legacy will be the first title in a new miniseries of games, and features distinctly old school adventure gameplay and presentation. You can find the new demo, game videos, wallpaper and music samples over at the Wadjet Eye website, where you will also find the first episode available for download at the price of $14.99.



Indie pirate adventure targets second quarter release

Listen up, me hearties! A new pirate adventure will soon be weighing anchor, as independent developer Hidden Sanctum has announced development on Pieces of Eight.

A first-person point-and-click adventure, Pieces of Eight is a modern day tale of hunting for the lost booty of eight notorious pirates off the New England coast. Having amassed untold riches, these pirates disappeared suddenly and without a trace in 1722, their treasure vanishing with them. In time, "rumors of an elaborate underground complex filled with treasure on one of the islands off the coast slowly fades from memory... undiscovered. Nearly 300 years have passed and the stories have all but been forgotten. That is, until you receive a package with cryptic clues about a mysterious island off the coast of New Hampshire."

To see the video teaser and learn more about Pieces of Eight, be sure to check out the game's official website. X marks the spot.

The game is currently scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007.

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