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The Aggie Awards – The Best Adventure Games of 2018 page 18

Aggies: Complete Results
Aggies: Complete Results
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Final Notes

To be eligible, a game must have been launched through digital distribution, self-published online, or commercially released for the first time in either North America or the United Kingdom in the calendar year 2018.

Any series designed to be episodic in nature that was completed in 2018 is eligible, even if the series was begun earlier. Conversely, any series that was begun in 2018 but not yet completed is ineligible. 

Ports and remakes of commercial games released in previous years are disqualified from contention, though updated re-releases of former freeware games are included.

To ensure total impartiality, no one involved in voting was permitted to nominate any game with which they were involved outside of official Adventure Gamers press coverage.

Complete list of eligible games


Contributors to the writing of this article include: Jack Allin, Harald Bastiaanse, Nathaniel Berens, Evan Dickens, Courtney Ehrenhofler, Cynthia Gary, Richard Hoover, Joe Keeley, Kevin Lynn, Aaron Ramshaw, Todd Rigney, Pascal Tekaia, and Becky Waxman

The Aggie Award was designed by Bill Tiller.

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