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The Aggie Awards – The Best Adventure Games of 2018 page 5

Aggies: Complete Results
Aggies: Complete Results
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Best Character: Chuchel (CHUCHEL)

Maybe he’s a sentient piece of discarded pocket lint? A stray speck of dust perhaps? Or possibly the resurrected furball of an old cat? In truth we have no idea what the titular character of Amanita Design's CHUCHEL is, but if nothing else is certain, he IS determined. Great resolve is needed to acquire the succulent cherries he craves in such a bizarre world, and in this he is unrivaled. Whether by contesting a superior alter-ego at a snail race, wrestling a set of giant dentures, or suddenly revealing the ability to summon laser swords, cannons and dinosaurs to ward off an alien invasion, nothing gets in the way of Chuchel and the object of his desire.

Image #8

Yes, when the giant monkey-like hand of fate knocks you down, locks you in a glass jar, and uses drugs to transform you into a cyclopean blob, you’ve just got to get back up and push forward. It helps that our hero is so remarkably resilient: he can be stomped on, shot at, blown up, and swallowed whole, but Chuchel always bounces right back into form – or at least a form, because he can be molded into all shapes and sizes: squares, llama, fish, and even become downright Pac-Man-esque. And he does it all so expressively for someone with only a mouth, two bulging eyes, stick arms and legs, and no intelligible language, conveying more with every over-the-top gesture and gibberish exclamation than most characters say with reams of dialogue at their disposal. Whether black or orange (perhaps you’ve heard about the decision to change Chuchel’s colour recently), we applaud the loveable, hot-tempered fuzz-wad for reminding us to never give up. And we trust that our 2018 Aggie Award for Best Character is just the cherry on top.


Eli and Logan – tie (Unavowed)

Detective Gallo (Detective Gallo)

Anne (Forgotton Anne)

Nairi (NAIRI: Tower of Shirin)

Readers’ Choice: Leisure Suit Larry (Wet Dreams Don’t Dry)

Image #9Larry Laffer is a brazen womanizer and shallow, self-absorbed, dim-witted loser. But boy do we love him for it (although you folks a bit more than AG staff, apparently). For all his egregious character (and physical) flaws, Larry is an endearing protagonist (from this side of the screen), partly because he’s usually the butt of all the jokes. But he’s also very much a man of his time, which makes his sudden leap into present day a particularly interesting one. And yet who better to serve as a mirror to today’s social and technological advancements than a man encountering them for the first time, while still horny as ever and hoping to score. For making such a successfully entertaining leap into the modern era, Larry takes home his second reader Aggie. Maybe that will help boost his Timber profile.


Eli Beckett (Unavowed)

Detective Gallo (Detective Gallo)

Chuchel (CHUCHEL)

Miles Fordham (Lamplight City)

Next up: Best Gameplay... the envelope, please!

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Community Comments

We just felt it was ultimately more of an interactive story game than an adventure game proper. Certainly close enough to cover here at AG, but we try to reserve the Aggies for games that meet our full genre criteria.
Mar 5, 2019
Great Aggie Awards! Really enjoyed them. Great videos, superbly voiced by Ivy Dupler But i have one questions: Why was The Red Strings Club not considered for the awards? I just started to play it and i noticed that it was released in 2018
Mar 5, 2019
Great game indeed :-)
Feb 27, 2019
Bravo, Unavowed made me come back to this genre after years of pretty much only MOBA'ing. What a f***** good game.
Feb 25, 2019
We're working on a sub-category on the site in which you can find an easy overview of Aggie Award winners, per category, per year.
Feb 25, 2019
Fantastic to see Larry back and getting some mentions :)
Feb 25, 2019
It is so inconvinient without the summary. I want to see all winers for all categories with all nomenees in one page. It is annoying to go to different pages so often just to see the whole picture. I mean this awards can be a reason to play such games. I want to see a list of them not a sheet.
Feb 23, 2019
I don’t know WHAT possessed me when I wrote that. :P
Feb 22, 2019
(Also: there was never a game called The Blackwell Conspiracy) (sorry)
Feb 22, 2019
D'oh! Well, that's quite the achievement in its own right! But I'll correct. (And congrats!)
Feb 21, 2019
I don't often comment on these things for obvious reasons, but I just wanted to make one small correction. "Violet Young deserves a special shout-out for convincingly providing several young girl voices – a notoriously difficult role for adults to get right." Violet Young was able to convincingly play a child because she is a child herself. She is 12 years old. :) Either way, thanks so much! Back to hiding. /swooshes away
Feb 21, 2019
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