The Station

Developer Release Year Platforms
Mac, PC, Linux

An undetectable space station with a small three-person crew deploys to research an advanced alien race embroiled in civil war, in search of a means towards a peaceful relationship. But communications have been lost, and a recon specialist is sent to uncover what happened. Assuming the role of a detective, you must unravel a mystery that will decide the fate of two civilizations.


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18 Mar 2017
The Station prepares for boarding this summer

Sci-fi 3D exploration adventure coming to Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Game Information
Platform Mac, PC, Linux
Perspective First-Person
Control Keyboard
Gameplay Investigative, Solitary Exploration
Genre Mystery, Science Fiction
Theme -
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation Realtime 3D
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download



The Station gameplay trailer

PC Mac Linux
Mar 18, 2017

The Station announcement trailer

PC Mac Linux
Mar 18, 2017

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