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Sol705 campaign

The Aggie Awards – The Best Adventure Games of 2018 page 4

Aggies: Complete Results
Aggies: Complete Results
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Best Writing – Drama: Unavowed

Clever plotting and skillful writing don’t always go hand in hand, but in the case of Wadjet Eye’s Unavowed, they most certainly do. The game is able to tackle weighty themes and troubling circumstances (morally and otherwise) by peppering its story with interesting, thought-provoking conversation that always keep the dialogue flowing naturally. Every character is portrayed in a way that is entirely believable, with distinct personal issues and endearing (or not-so-endearing) qualities. This is no small feat with such diversity in the cast – not merely different genders and cultures, but entirely different species.

Image #6

You can choose to question your fellow Unavowed as much or as little as you wish, but even on their own your teammates speak frequently to each other without any prompting, affording you additional insight via their private conversations. Their personalities are so defined, however, and their backstories so rich that we couldn’t help but explore every relationship, even replaying with different partners to uncover new details. Logan’s understanding nature, along with Vicki’s down-to-earth, matter-of-fact attitude, perfectly offsets Mandana’s cold, semi-human objectivity. For its realistic conversation and elegant script throughout each branching narrative path of this ambitious dark urban fantasy tale, Unavowed pairs its Best Story award with the Aggie for best dramatic writing in 2018.


The Pillars of the Earth

Lamplight City

11-11: Memories Retold

Eselmir and the five magical gifts

Readers’ Choice: Unavowed

Image #7While his paranormal, dimension-crossing tale is compelling in its own right, Dave Gilbert also understands what many writers do not: character is story. So many movies and games give us riveting plots but no characters to relate to and root for. Unavowed has many, and the way in which the characters are written is expertly suited to each personality. Eli savours a bit of wisecracking, even in tense situations, but the ageless fire mage isn’t afraid of complicated words and ideas, always digging deeper. The ghostly KayKay, meanwhile, perfectly embodies the playful whimsy of a ten-year-old girl, never despairing despite her untimely demise. Each character’s background is gradually revealed, leaving you speculating about them and helping you grasp what’s behind their reactions to the suspenseful, mind-boggling crises they encounter. You sure won’t get any argument from us about your choice, as once again we agree about the superb quality of this game’s script.


Lamplight City

The Pillars of the Earth

Eselmir and the five magical gifts

Detroit: Become Human

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Community Comments

Latest comments (11 total)

We just felt it was ultimately more of an interactive story game than an adventure game proper. Certainly close enough to cover here at AG, but we try to reserve the Aggies for games that meet our full genre criteria.

Mar 5, 2019

Great Aggie Awards! Really enjoyed them. Great videos, superbly voiced by Ivy Dupler

But i have one questions: Why was The Red Strings Club not considered for the awards? I just started to play it and i noticed that it was released in 2018

Mar 5, 2019

Great game indeed :-)

Feb 27, 2019

Bravo, Unavowed made me come back to this genre after years of pretty much only MOBA’ing. What a f***** good game.

Feb 25, 2019

We’re working on a sub-category on the site in which you can find an easy overview of Aggie Award winners, per category, per year.

Feb 25, 2019

Fantastic to see Larry back and getting some mentions Smile

Feb 25, 2019

It is so inconvinient without the summary. I want to see all winers for all categories with all nomenees in one page. It is annoying to go to different pages so often just to see the whole picture. I mean this awards can be a reason to play such games. I want to see a list of them not a sheet.

Feb 23, 2019

I don’t know WHAT possessed me when I wrote that. Tongue

Feb 22, 2019

(Also: there was never a game called The Blackwell Conspiracy)


Feb 22, 2019

D’oh! Well, that’s quite the achievement in its own right! But I’ll correct.

(And congrats!)

Feb 21, 2019

I don’t often comment on these things for obvious reasons, but I just wanted to make one small correction.

“Violet Young deserves a special shout-out for convincingly providing several young girl voices – a notoriously difficult role for adults to get right.”

Violet Young was able to convincingly play a child because she is a child herself. She is 12 years old. Smile

Either way, thanks so much! Back to hiding. /swooshes away

Feb 21, 2019
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