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16 Sep 2017
Next path for The Sleeping Machine leads to The Gateway Trilogy

Three-part mimimalist puzzler from The Dream Machine creators coming soon to Win/Mac.

15 Sep 2017
Kickstarter emerges from Shadows by the Waterhouse

'80s-style first-person crime thriller seeking modest support for expanded content.

15 Sep 2017
Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two to break out again next week

Trailer heralds third episode "Jailhouse Block", set to launch on multiple platforms September 19th.

14 Sep 2017
Steam, Humble abuzz with Hiveswap debut

Episodic adventure based on Homestuck webcomic begins today on Windows and Mac.

14 Sep 2017
Little Kite takes flight on Steam

Point-and-click adventure exploring domestic abuse available now on Win/Mac.

13 Sep 2017
KING Art anything but idle with Shakes & Fidgets announcement

Full-fledged adventure based on popular free browser-based MMORPG now in development.

13 Sep 2017
The Land of Pain open for brave adventurers on Steam

Amnesia-styled Lovecraftian 3D horror adventure available now for Windows PC download.

13 Sep 2017
Puzzle Agent’s Hidden People appear on Kickstarter

Artist Graham Annable to sculpt 12-inch gnomes from Telltale's popular series.

12 Sep 2017
Trackless rolls onto Windows, Mac and Linux

First-person adventure with text elements available for download exclusively on Steam.

12 Sep 2017
Maize sprouts up on consoles

Port of absurdist comedy available now for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

11 Sep 2017
Demo and new trailer unearthed for K’NOSSOS

Playable alpha sampler introduces modern sci-fi reimagining of classic Minotaur myth.

10 Sep 2017
First details leak out from Trüberbrook

German adventure with scale model backdrops coming to PC and consoles next year.

9 Sep 2017
Tiny Echo released on Steam (Steam, steam, stea…)

Wordless fantasy adventure available now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

8 Sep 2017
Cyanide & Happiness discovers joy of success on Kickstarter

Stretch goals within reach for episodic point-and-click adventure based on popular web cartoon.

8 Sep 2017
Time’s running out on Humble’s free Walking Dead promo

Full first season of Telltale's acclaimed series available free until September 9th.

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