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16 Oct 2017
RealMYHA gets real Kickstarter

Creators of ASA and RoonSehv making 3D upgrade of free slideshow-style adventure.

15 Oct 2017
Detective Case and Clown Bot steaming hard towards new release

Second Portuguese comic mystery, The Express Killer, coming to PC in early 2018.

14 Oct 2017
Not fake news: White Lie announced for Windows, Mac and Linux

Surreal Brazilian adventure about a plush toy in search of its owner coming in 2019.

13 Oct 2017
Life Is Strange: Before the Storm enters Brave New World next week

Trailer released for second installment of three-part prequel arriving October 19th.

12 Oct 2017
The Painscreek Killings uncovered on Steam

Non-linear 3D adventure in abandoned town available for Windows PC download.

11 Oct 2017
Shakes & Fidgets rattles Kickstarter with crowdfunding campaign

Fantasy adventure from KING Art takes aim at a quarter-million euros by November 15th.

11 Oct 2017
The Talos Principle now running on iOS devices

Acclaimed sci-fi puzzler available now for download on the App Store.

10 Oct 2017
The Puppet of Tersa shows up on Kickstarter

Playable PC demo available for five-part point-and-click fantasy adventure.

10 Oct 2017
Indygo gets gameplay trailer on World Mental Health Day

Indie "point-and-click study of depression" coming to Steam for PC on October 24th.

9 Oct 2017
Thaumistry: In Charm’s Way magically appears on Steam

New text comic fantasy text adventure from Bob Bates available for Win/Mac/Linux.

8 Oct 2017
Lucius Demake to be reborn October 10th on Android

Retro-styled, low-res remake of diabolical killing adventure coming to Google Play and Amazon.

8 Oct 2017
Burly Men at Sea now docked on PSN

Narrative Scandinavian folktale adventure available now for PS4 and Vita.

7 Oct 2017
Reality Incognita revealed on Steam Early Access

Indie sci-fi adventure available for download with limited content for Windows PC.

6 Oct 2017
Who needs more Guardians of the Galaxy soon?

Fourth installment of Telltale's sci-fi Marvel series coming on October 10th.

5 Oct 2017
Amanita Design coughs up first details of CHUCHEL

New comedy adventure from the creators of Machinarium and Samorost coming early 2018.

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