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1 Nov 2017
Riddle of the Sphinx reawakens on Kickstarter

Original creators remastering the Egyptian archeological adventure for PC and mobiles.

1 Nov 2017
A Tale of Two Kingdoms gets second lease on life

Deluxe Edition fantasy adventure re-released with voice-overs, playable prologue and more.

31 Oct 2017
More Syberia 3 planned with DLC launch next month

"An Automaton with a Plan" to be available as a free upgrade on November 9th.

31 Oct 2017
8-Bit Adventure Anthology serves up a Halloween horror grab bag

Remastered collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One includes Shadowgate, Uninvited and Déjà Vu.

31 Oct 2017
Be aware of Perception release on Nintendo Switch

Port of blindness-themed horror adventure enhanced with new audio, gameplay balance.

30 Oct 2017
The Mind of Marlo heads to Steam

Mockumentary-style pixel art adventure available for download on Windows and Linux.

30 Oct 2017
Seek Not a Lighthouse now found on itch.io

Minimalist black-and-white indie mystery available for download on Windows and Mac.

29 Oct 2017
TARTARUS to emerge from the abyss next month

Retro-futuristic sci-fi adventure coming to Windows PC on November 21st.

28 Oct 2017
Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death steps onto Kickstarter

Story-driven mystery stars immortal Arthurian legends hunting Jack the Ripper.

28 Oct 2017
Mobile-exclusive announcement from Sender Unknown

Narrative adventure with real-time elements available for download on iOS and Android.

27 Oct 2017
SIMULACRA now found on PC and mobile devices

Spiritual successor to Sara Is Missing available now on Steam, the App Store and Google Play.

27 Oct 2017
The Way of Love: Sub Zero emerges on Steam

Point-and-click Iranian spy thriller available now for Windows PC download.

26 Oct 2017
Misao blessed with updated Definitive Edition

Free Japanese horror-adventure enhanced and released commercially for Windows PC.

26 Oct 2017
Better late than never for A.D. 2044

GOG.com releases English version of LK Avalon's 1996 slideshow-style adventure.

25 Oct 2017
Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant unlocked on Steam

First commercial installment of retro-styled fantasy series available now for Windows PC.

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