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LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy review

The next generation of Layton adventures inherits many of the same good qualities, though it’s still dogged by poor integration.

Read the review » Sep 18, 2017

Corpse Party review

The revived Japanese port is bigger and gorier than ever, though more an old-school visual novel than interactive adventure.

Read the review » Mar 27, 2017


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Professor Layton and the Curious Village mobile launch trailer

Android iOS iPhone iPad DS
Sep 25, 2018

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

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Sep 24, 2018



What's New? (DS & 3DS)
13 Sep
New trailer discovered for upcoming Jake Hunter mystery

Latest installment, Ghost of the Dusk, coming to Nintendo 3DS on September 28th.

18 May
First clues uncovered for new Jake Hunter mystery

Ghost of the Dusk coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS sometime this fall.

23 Mar
Detective Pikachu now on the case

Pokémon mystery spin-off available in stores and digitally on Nintendo 3DS.

6 Mar
Gotta catch the upcoming Detective Pikachu game

Mystery-themed Pokémon "action-adventure" spin-off coming to 3DS this month.

24 Nov
Apollo Justice served up on Nintendo 3DS eShop

Capcom's fourth courtroom drama gets 3D graphics and optimized new controls.


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