Time Hollow

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In Time Hollow players guide Ethan Kairos on his quest to solve the mysterious disappearance of his family. While on his quest, Ethan comes across the mysterious Hollow Pen, an uncanny object that has the unique power to open portals to the past. With this special instrument, players journey through a time-bending adventure to solve the mysteries of the present by changing events of the past.


Time Hollow review

The spiritual DS successor to Shadow of Destiny comes up a bit empty on gameplay, but its storyline makes it well worth your time.


2008 Aggie Awards

The best of the best adventures from 2008 have all been recognized, as the inaugural three-day Aggie Awards event is now complete.

Read more Feb 18, 2009

23 Jul
Countdown to Time Hollow begins on DS
Time-bending mystery to launch this fall on Nintendo's handheld

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Game Information
Platform DS
Perspective -
Control -
Gameplay -
Genre Mystery, Science Fiction
Theme Supernatural
Graphic Style -
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Proprietary format

United States September 1 2008 Konami

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