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Gotta catch the upcoming Detective Pikachu game

No matter how old you are, you probably know who Pikachu is, but most probably consider the cute little squeaky-voiced Pokémon critter to belong to the exclusive doman of kids. But not for much longer! A more adult-themed (but still apparently very child-friendly) spin-off mystery adventure called Detective Pikachu is coming to Nintendo 3DS later this month, and a new trailer released shows off the game in action.

The titular star of the game is a very different Pikachu than we're used to, as this time around he's "one lovably gruff, tough-talking sleuth, with a taste for good coffee." When a boy named Tim Goodman "arrives in Ryme City looking for his missing father, little does Tim know he [will] meet a Pikachu, but more amazingly a Pikachu who he [can] communicate with." Having worked with Henry Goodman in the past, Detective Pikachu agrees to help search for the boy's missing father, but along the way the two will encounter a number of other cases to solve as well. 

Designed exclusively for 3DS, Detective Pikachu predictably renders Rhyme City ("a place where people and Pokémon live together") in a bright cartoony style. While seeking evidence to Harry Goodman's whereabouts, players will investigate several other mysteries, including a case of inexplicably rampaging Pokémon. In your travels, you will encounter many colourful characters to interrogate, including "Pablo Millan, owner of Detective Pikachu’s favourite café; Frank Holliday, an inspector at the Ryme City Police Department; and Meiko Okamoto, a camera operator for the local TV studio." 

The two protagonists will need to work together, as "cases that would be impossible for Tim to solve alone can be cracked with the help of this Pikachu, because he is able to obtain vital clues and information from other Pokémon." For younger gamers who might need a little more guidance than experienced adventurers, an Easy Mode will provide "handy hints on what to do or where to go next." The game is being marketed as an "action-adventure", though if the trailer is any indication, the action elements are based largely around simple Quick Time Events.

Detective Pikachu not only includes everything from the original Japanese digital release, it also promises new story content and more locations to explore, filled with both human and Pokémon alike. You'll need a Nintendo 3DS to enjoy this unique mystery, but for those with the necessary handheld hardware, you can look for the game to hit retail store shelves and the Nintendo eShop on March 23rd.

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