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The Aggie Awards - The Best Adventure Games of 2017

Aggie Awards
Aggie Awards

Article updated Friday, February 23rd. Already read about Day One and Day TwoSkip straight ahead to the final day's presentation!

Is it Aggie time again? Wow, time sure flies when you’re buried under an avalanche of 138 new adventure games.

That’s not a typo: 138!! Nearly double what we were getting even just a few short years ago. The adventure genre may be a niche, but it sure is a flourishing one!

Image #1Coming in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and lengths, the diversity and sheer volume of releases was staggering in 2017. From the most humble indie endeavours to the revival of beloved franchises; from chunky old-school pixels to advancements in virtual reality; from promising newcomers to genre legends returning to the fold, there was more than a little for everyone to enjoy. Which, of course, made picking our yearly award winners harder than ever. But you know that too, as once again you turned out in numbers to vote for your winners in our annual reader poll.

But choose we must, and choose we did, so let’s get on with the show! As always, though only a (relative) few are taking home the coveted gold (and silver) statuettes, it’s a tremendous achievement to even make the finals, so a hearty “bravo!” to all the developers represented here.

Surely this is understood, but remember that this is all in good fun. There are no rights and wrongs, no good opinions and bad, only our decisions and yours. If your favourites didn’t win, or weren’t even eligible (for reasons we touched on here), don’t be too disappointed, just thankful that we have so many great and worthy games to choose from! The Aggies may be a competition, but more than anything they’re a celebration of riches. Enjoy.

The awards presentation will run daily from Wednesday through Friday, so stay tuned each day to see who will take home the hardware!

Table of Contents

Day One

Page 1: You are here
Page 2: Best Story
Page 3: Best Writing – Comedy
Page 4: Best Writing – Drama
Page 5: Best Character
Page 6: Best Gameplay
Page 7: Best Concept

Day Two

Page 8: Best Setting
Page 9: Best Graphic Design
Page 10: Best Animation
Page 11: Best Music
Page 12: Best Acting
Page 13: Best Sound Effects


Day Three

Page 14: The Silver Aggies
Page 15: Best Non-Traditional Adventure
Page 16: Best Traditional Adventure
Page 17: Best Adventure of 2017
Page 18: Final Notes

Continued on the next page...


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Community Comments

Haha, readers only played Thimbleweed?
Sep 30, 2018
A total of 345 people participated.
Feb 26, 2018
Is there any info available about the number of people who voted?
Feb 26, 2018
Hmm 2018 it will be interesting to see what great adventure games will be released certain companies I automatically know the game will be awesome like Wadjet Eye games the creators of the Blackwell series of games. If the company that makes the Book of Unwritten Tales decides to create a part 3 that will be on my wishlist on both Steam and GOG. I heard there was a remake of Waxworks on the way not sure how I feel about it but the screenshots looked cool. Anyway enough rambling from me enjoyed the Aggies and hope to see them again next year
Feb 23, 2018
It's always a pleasure to read your detailed comments about the award winners and this year wasn't an exception. Thank you Adventure Gamers! I'm especially glad to see Thimbleweed Park, The Sexy Brutale and Gorogoa received the praises they deserved and looking forward to see what does 2018 have in store for us.
Feb 23, 2018
Congrats, everyone who won and the runner-ups!
Feb 21, 2018
Well, maybe some day I give it another shot.
Feb 21, 2018
You did... Thimbleweed Park is amazing :) On par with some of the best from Lucasfilm.
Feb 21, 2018
Must have missed a lot since I found Thimbleweed Park so boring I quit playing early.
Feb 21, 2018
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