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Latest Articles - Android

The Black Widow

review The Black Widow

This Her Story-like exploration of a controversial real-world murder conviction is an intriguing concept that lacks the necessary bite to be memorable.

Read review Aug 28, 2019
Gold Rush! 2

review Gold Rush! 2

Nearly three decades later, the indie sequel to Sierra's renowned historical adventure is seriously undermined by its weak production values and pan-worthy gameplay.

Read review Aug 19, 2019

review Alt-Frequencies

Video did NOT kill the radio star, as this short but unique audio-themed adventure will have you thoroughly tuned into its engaging conceit while it lasts.

Read review Aug 5, 2019
Strange Telephone

review Strange Telephone

This surreal world-hopping adventure doesn't always connect, but let's call it a qualified success for its intriguing atmosphere and most unusual mechanics.

Read review Jul 24, 2019
Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) – Part 2

interview Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) – Part 2

Our two-part interview with the acclaimed indie developer concludes with more insightful truths about about the challenges and future of interactive storytelling.

Read interview Jul 19, 2019
Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) – Part 1

interview Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) – Part 1

In the first half of our transcribed Skype interview, the innovative indie developer has a chance to tell his own behind-the-scenes story.

Read interview Jul 17, 2019
Whispers of a Machine

review Whispers of a Machine

This collaborative tech-noir mystery from the creators of Kathy Rain and The Samaritan Paradox is a finely-tuned sophomore effort for both.

Read review Apr 19, 2019

Game Announcements - Android

First details come to light for Lantern

Hand-drawn point-and-click adventure in development for PC and Android devices.

Read more Nov 10, 2019

Pitch Black comes to light on Kickstarter

Demo available for narrative-driven, 3D binaural audio game coming next October.

Read more Oct 26, 2019

Kickstarter support growing for Who Stole My Beard?

RPG-styled adventure about 'beards, friendship and dogs' coming to PC and mobile devices next summer.

Read more Oct 3, 2019

Nobodies making a name for itself on Steam

Puzzle-centric cover-up adventure from Kelvin and the Infamous Machine creators out now on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Read more Oct 1, 2019

Playerless: One Button Adventure pressing towards 2019 release

Isometric game-within-a-broken-game coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices.

Read more Sep 8, 2019

Krabat and the Secret of the Sorbian King uncovered in English

Point-and-click historical fantasy adventure available now on PC, iOS and Android devices with localized subtitles.

Read more Sep 5, 2019

First details found for SIMULACRA 2

Next adventure in Malaysian 'found phone' franchise unveiled for PC and mobile devices.

Read more Sep 2, 2019

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Community reviews - Android (randomly selected)

Review of 2064: Read Only Memories

Rating - 30

Rating by emric posted on Mar 22, 2017

quite visual-novelly