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Telstar Electronic Studios  (1996)


Long ago in the mists of time lived the Mecubarz. Ancient and beautiful, powerful and wise they ruled absolute.

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Mad Orange  (2013)

Face Noir

The two-part Face Noir follows private eye Jack del Nero in 1930s New York as he’s falsely accused of murdering the man who left a little girl in his protection.

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Inertia Game Studios  (2016)

Facility 47

After waking up alone in an icy cell, you find that you’ve been left with only a letter and a bottle of pills.

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Byron Preiss Multimedia  (1984)

Fahrenheit 451

The time is not too long from now. The place is New York City.

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Quantic Dream  (2015)

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

Possessed by unexplainable urges, decent citizens are murdering others throughout the city.

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Bohemia Interactive Studio  (2001)

Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya

In this classic adventure game based on the legendary Russian fairy-tale, the humble Nastienka and the gallant hero Ivan must solve challenging puzzles and overcome many traps, as awaiting them are mysterious beings and magical objects, wild beasts and domestic animals and pets, guileful highway robbers, the evil hag Baba Yaga, Old Man Mushroom, prudent Father Frost and many other traditional and non-traditional fairy-tale characters.

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MDNA Games  (2019)

The Fall of April

Carol agrees to help a friend of a friend, Andrea, who has suffered a temporary drug-induced memory loss.

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No Wand Studios  (2017)

The Fall of Lazarus

You are a crew member of the USSC Lazarus, who wakes up from cryo sleep without any memories in an apparently abandoned cargo shift drifting in space.

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Kheops Studio  (2009)

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 - Separation

In the first of this three-part puzzle-adventure series, you wake up in a temple somewhere in Asia, you have lost your memory and have to find your way out.

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Kheops Studio  (2010)

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2 - Reconstruction

After escaping from an Asian temple, you now find yourself in the basement of a modern-day office building.

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Kheops Studio  (2011)

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 3 - Revelation

In the previous two chapters, you woke up in a new place on a mission that was unrelated to the previous one.

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Over the Moon

The Fall

Set in a dark, distant sci-fi universe, The Fall is about ARID, an artificial intelligence on-board a futuristic combat suit.

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Recommended Adventure Games starting with F

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

The adventure gamer’s platformer, Forgotton Anne’s endearing exploration of lost objects come to life is sure to please all but the most dexterously challenged.

FAR: Lone Sails

FAR: Lone Sails

A side-scrolling vehicle adventure with a platformer’s stylish detailing, FAR: Lone Sails is a simple but charming little ride that gradually builds up momentum and never loses its way.

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