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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - Cover art

The time is not too long from now. The place is New York City. Yet is it a setting few of us would ever recognize. For this is a world where simply owning a book is dangerously illegal. Where Firemen come not to save houses, but to burn them for the books inside. And where you, once a dedicated Fireman, are now a rebel with a passion for books – and the most wanted fugitive in the country. There are still a few people who can help you – your fellow members of the Underground. They can tell you how to fool the deadly Mechanical Hounds, how to steal a Fireman’s uniform, how to avoid the military ID checkpoints. Yet escape is not your main concern. You are possessed, driven onward by your own unflinching ideals. You feel a desperate need to fight, to push back ignorance, to vindicate every page a Fireman has ever burned.

Walkthrough for Fahrenheit 451

Stuck in Fahrenheit 451, or looking for the best way to proceed? Click below to view our walkthrough for Fahrenheit 451 and wonder no more!

Note, these will contain spoilers.

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Adventure Games by Byron Preiss Multimedia

Game Information

Platform Mac, PC, Retro
Perspective First-Person
Control Text parser
Gameplay Text adventure
Genre -
Theme Conspiracy, Licensed properties
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media 5.25" floppies, Proprietary format

Product Details

System Requirements
MS-DOS 1.0 or higher
8088/8086 processor
CGA display
PC Speaker, Tandy/PCJr

Fahrenheit 451 by Byron Preiss Multimedia - Adventure Game

Fahrenheit 451 is an adventure game, released in 1984 by Byron Preiss Multimedia. Fahrenheit 451 has a Illustrated realism style and uses a Text parser control scheme. Adventure Gamers have not yet published a review of Fahrenheit 451, at this time the community has not provided a rating for Fahrenheit 451.
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