The Fan

Developer Release Year Platforms
Mac, PC

A serial killer abducts women to fulfill his dark fantasies. His latest catch lies in his basement but she’s not ready yet. Everything needs to be perfect for the ritual, when he will show her “true love”. Find out more about the killer and his victims as the story unfolds and you may be the one to ultimately decide their fate.

16 May
The Fan seeks captive audience on Steam

Indie abduction thriller made with interactive photos available now on Windows PC.


The Fan gameplay trailer

PC Mac
May 16, 2017

The Fan teaser

PC Mac
May 16, 2017

Game Information
Platform Mac, PC
Perspective First-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Interactive movie
Genre Thriller
Theme -
Graphic Style Live Action, Photographic
Presentation Full motion video, Slideshow
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download

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