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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3225 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 5 (of 269).

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E-Line Media  (2020)

Beyond Blue

Venture with Mirai and her crew far below the surface of our largely uncharted ocean in an experience that explores the awesome wonder and unbounded mystery that infuses our planet’s beating blue heart.

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GlimGames  (2020)

Beyond This Side

You follow the adventures of Sam whose wife has mysteriously disappeared. The only thing the cops found is her severed hand! Sam can’t handle this tragedy.

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Westwood Studios  (2020)

Blade Runner – Enhanced Edition

Based on the sci-fi classic, Blade Runner, you become both the hunter and the hunted in a dark and gritty detective adventure based in Los Angeles 2019.

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IAN Games  (2020)

Bleeding Moons

Ian de Valmain is a young nobleman-turned-assassin who must infiltrate a mercenary camp to help save his homeland.

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ARS GOETIA  (2020)

The Blind Prophet

The prophecy passed on through the generations is about to be fulfilled! But this time, the Apostle Bartholomeus will face terrible and unexpected problems… What could have gone wrong? Who is this mysterious man, trying to block the divine mission, and what are his motivations?.

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Kibou Entertainment  (2020)

Blood Opera Crescendo

Blood Opera Crescendo is a 2D story-driven RPG investigative adventure in pixel art set in the Baroque era with mechanics inspired by the Ace Attorney and Persona series.

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Zaperart  (2020)

The Blueness of a Wound

Lana is a young woman haunted by a tragic event that led to the loss of her sister.

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Simon Says: Watch! Play!  (2020)

Boïnihi: The K’i Codex

In 2062, the people of Terra discovered the Blue Matter System. With the help of this new technology, they were able to explore the galaxy in search for signs of intelligent life.

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Nebirvi  (2020)


Laura is a poor young librarian who lives in the outskirts of London alongside her sick grandmother above their book restoration shop.

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Insert Disk 22  (2020)

Born Punk

Born Punk is set on the Danish island of Bornholm in the year 2155. Bornholm has transformed from a quaint holiday getaway to a mega-city, governed by a corporate council.

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Hexy Studio  (2020)


A classic 2D adventure game in which you will follow the spunky pilot Pola Zagorsky on her quest to disrupt the unyielding mechanical army led by a self-aware difference engine, Valkiria.

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Phil Fortier  (2020)

Cascadia Quest

In the spirit of classic graphic adventure games, Cascade Quest sends the player on an epic adventure though forests, mountains and mysterious lairs, on a mission of escape and retribution! You’ll interact with a cast of Pacific Northwest characters and beasts – from evil, to strange, to cuddly – all the while solving puzzles to outwit your enemies and accomplish your goals.

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Recommended Adventure Games



Though definitely not aimed at impatient or directionally challenged gamers, Woven’s splendidly fashioned locales, likeable heroes and amusing transformations are tailor-made for a unique experience.

The Complex

The Complex

Once The Complex enters full-on thriller mode, this compelling choice-driven tale of a trapped scientist facing terrorists and moral decisions doesn’t let up and even provides enough prompting and interesting options to weather multiple plays.