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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3784 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 9 (of 316).
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EQ Studios  (2022)

Scene Investigators

In the near future, any reported case, solved or unsolved, can be loaded in a reconstruction room and re-examined.

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Greenboy Games  (2022)

The Shapeshifter 2

This time the adventure takes place in the elven world. The main actor has the power to become the animal that he touches to save the elven world from the wizard’s spell: Fly, swim, croak, cackle, bray, roar, growl, meow, among other curious skills.

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Spiral Circus  (2022)


Alone in an underwater abyss, you are a diver searching the deep to uncover long-forgotten mysteries.

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Red Stage Entertainment  (2022)

Skábma: Snowfall

Based on the culture and stories of Sámi, Skábma tells a fictional story of Áilu, a young reindeer herder who becomes mingled in an adventure of celestial proportions after finding an old Sámi shaman drum.

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JUMPSHIP  (2022)


In the wake of catastrophe you must find the means to make your family whole again.

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Hanging Gardens Interactive  (2022)


Sonority is a music-based puzzle game. You are playing as Esther, a young girl who has made it her task to unveil the secrets of music.

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Moonfish Games  (2022)

Space Rescue: Code Pink

You play as Keen; a young mechanic that just landed his first job on a ‘Rescue & Relax’ Ship.

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Garlic Jam  (2022)


In the future, giant city-states have emerged, separated from each other by indestructible barriers.

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Out of the Box  (2022)


Theme Park of Outright Readily Travel, T. P.

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Quantum Soup  (2022)

Talesinger: Voice of the Dragon

A narrative RPG without combat set in Iron Age Wales, for PC and consoles. Play as apprentice bard Gwen, tasked with uniting the quarreling Celtic tribes against the invading Romans.

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Vertical Reach  (2022)

The Tartarus Key

Alex Young awakens to find herself trapped in a dark mansion filled with deadly traps, bizarre puzzles, and cameras following her every move.

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Trim Tangle  (2022)


You play as the Wanderer who wakes up in the First Realm. He finds it fading away, being torn apart and consumed by the Degradation.

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Recommended Adventure Games

Happy Game

Happy Game

Happy Game sends players on a shrieking, blood-soaked odyssey through the candy-colored hell within a young boy’s subconscious. Though it’s weakened somewhat by a less-cohesive third act, overall it’s a vivid interactive nightmare with a striking aesthetic and powerful narrative conceit.

A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler’s Tale

A Juggler’s Tale lasts only a precious few hours, but it manages to pack in an inspired, captivating puzzle-platforming experience with engaging gameplay, a smart and poignant story, and a jaw-droppingly beautiful aesthetic.

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