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2012 Aggie Awards

Aggie Awards
Aggie Awards

Article updated Friday, February 22nd. Already read about Day One and Day Two? Skip straight ahead to the final day's presentation!

Many adventure fans long for a return to the genre's Golden Age of the early- to mid-1990s, when LucasArts and Sierra ruled the gaming world. But the real golden age returns each and every February, when Adventure Gamers hands out our shiny Aggie Awards!

Yes, it's once again time to recognize the genre's best and brightest adventures of the past year. As always, there was fierce competition among the whopping 75 eligible games and series. The first elimination round was painful enough as we arrived at our nominee finalists, but the last cut was the deepest in narrowing each list to only one.

But you know that already if you voted in our reader poll. Along with our staff winners, we are pleased to hand out the hardware to the top audience favourites as well. Whether our choices agree or disagree, one thing is certain: there are lots of great games in this beloved genre of ours.

While there is only one winner (per category), there are no snubs or losers here, only notable runners-up. It may be a contest, but it's primarily a celebration. So enjoy yourselves, applaud a job well done all around, and we'll meet up again this time next year for more.

The awards presentation will run daily from Wednesday through Friday, so check back in each day to find out which games took home the coveted golden statuettes.  And now, let the Aggies begin!

Table of Contents

Day One

Page 1: You are here
Page 2: Best Story
Page 3: Best Writing - Comedy
Page 4: Best Writing - Drama
Page 5: Best Character
Page 6: Best Gameplay
Page 7: Best Concept

Day Two

Page 8: Best Setting
Page 9: Best Graphic Design
Page 10: Best Animation
Page 11: Best Music
Page 12: Best Voice Acting
Page 13: Best Sound Effects

Day Three

Page 14: Honorary Aggies
Page 15: Best Independent Adventure (Commercial)
Page 16: Best Console/Handheld Adventure (Exclusive)
Page 17: Best Non-Traditional Adventure
Page 18: Best Traditional Adventure
Page 19: Best Adventure of 2012
Page 20: Final Notes

First up: Best Story... the envelope, please!

Continued on the next page...


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