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Best rated Adventure Games for Virtual Reality

Below you'll find an overview of Adventure Games that have received a very high rating based on our reviews, the list is sorted based on highest rated Adventure Game first combined with recency of the review we've done.

Myst (2021)  (2021)

If you are a Myst fan who has played one or all the previous iterations, this is by far the best version yet and deserves your attention with or without the supported VR hardware. If you are one of the few adventure game fans new to the series, you are in for a real treat, though be forewarned that all the same divisively esoteric design elements remain from the original.

XING: The Land Beyond  (2017)

Breathtakingly beautiful and fiendishly logical, XING: The Land Beyond will spark your ingenuity and kindle a keen delight as you trek its entrancing pathways.

Lone Echo  (2017)

Lone Echo has been designed from scratch around VR’s strengths, defying the limitations that have held other games back. Incredible visuals, freeing zero-g movement, and strong writing and performances help create something that simply couldn’t exist in another medium.

Obduction  (2016)

Obduction is clearly not aimed at impatient gamers with older hardware. But Myst enthusiasts and exotic-world explorers will find a whole new stupendous universe to fall in love with, and fans of mind-bending challenges will find themselves in paradise… most of the time.

The Secret of Retropolis  (2021)

Though the fun is over far too soon, VR adventure gamers owe it to themselves to play The Secret of Retropolis as it perfectly captures the atmosphere of film noir in an unexpectedly comedic all-robot futuristic setting.

Maskmaker  (2021)

Hampered only by some clumsy storytelling and awkward mechanical problems, Maskmaker is an immersive VR experience and an inventive adventure game with enough fun gimmicks to feel like a fresh take on the genre.

A Fisherman’s Tale  (2019)

While falling slightly short of its full interactive potential, A Fisherman’s Tale is a unique experience, lovingly and charmingly crafted with a clever premise, solid puzzles and the poignant feel of a Pixar movie.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter  (2020)

While lighter on adventure elements than earlier games in the series, the gameplay is as innovative and fun as ever (with one or two exceptions), and the story of The Craftsman is advanced in an interesting way. If you have the proper hardware and enjoy puzzles, The Room VR is a must-have for your collection.

ZED  (2019)

Although light on actual gameplay, ZED is a quirky, beguiling exploration of character where fragments of memory spawn an imaginative journey through the haunts and grottos of the mind.

Ghost Giant  (2019)

A VR tale that’s both wonderfully light-hearted and solemnly mature, the modest Ghost Giant may not be the type of game to dwell on the why or how behind its supernatural premise, but with a game as well-crafted as this one, that’s more than okay.

Torn  (2018)

It’s a bit too straightforward to offer much challenge with its puzzles, and not spooky enough to sustain a haunted house thriller, but Torn will win players over on its own terms, providing a highly-polished, scavenge-heavy VR mystery.

The Invisible Hours  (2017)

Tequila Works delivers again with The Invisible Hours, giving players an intriguing voyeur role in a genuinely interesting mystery populated by an unforgettable cast. Doing it all in VR is just the icing on the cake.

Moss  (2018)

Though more action-oriented than adventure gamers might be used to, Moss is that rare game that delivers exactly what it promised, delivering a lovely bonding experience with an adorable companion while solving puzzles and having a great time exploring a magical fairy tale kingdom.

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna  (2015)

Road to Gehenna is a worthy extension of The Talos Principle, adding more of the brilliant puzzles and clever storytelling that helped the original stand out from the pack.

The Talos Principle  (2014)

Bursting at the seams with challenging puzzles and thought-provoking science fiction, The Talos Principle is a philosophically-minded first-person puzzler that’s well worth your time.

Wanderer  (2021)

While it has a few design decisions holding it back, the time-traveling joys of Wanderer promise a bright future for adventure games within the VR space.

Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis  (2021)

While seasoned adventure gamers will have surely visited the lost city of Atlantis many times before, and this latest excursion does include a few missteps, if you have the VR hardware to play Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis, you’ll find it worth your time for its fresh take on this age-old story.

Transference  (2018)

Transference is a solid, polished experience that plucks equally at your tension wires and heartstrings. Though it seems to end almost as soon as it has begun, it makes the most of its quick pace with some impressive production values and an intriguingly atmospheric narrative of a troubled family.

Fire Escape  (2020)

This game is wildly implausible and absurdly melodramatic—you already know if that appeals to you or not, and if so, Fire Escape is a very fun way to spend an hour or more of voyeuristic spying.

Paper Beast  (2020)

The thoroughly unique Paper Beast can be a real monster to get through with its whip-like controls and occasional difficulty spike, but those who welcome unique gameplay experiences and value memorable moments over a detailed narrative are encouraged to give it a try.

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