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Minute of Islands

You are Mo, a skilled tinkerer in an unstable world. It is a mysterious land, formed not only by humans but also by inscrutable giants. Giant-kind all but vanished since, leaving behind otherworldly tech deeply entwined with the islands themselves and in desperate need of maintenance. Now, an almost forgotten threat must be kept at bay. Mo is on a quest to become a hero, but the powerful Omni Switch at her disposal may not be enough to fix all that is broken.

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2.5 5 5 0 Minute of Islands


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Walkthrough for Minute of Islands

Stuck in Minute of Islands, or looking for the best way to proceed? Click below to view our walkthrough for Minute of Islands and wonder no more!

Note, these will contain spoilers.

Screenshots and Trailers for Minute of Islands

What our readers think of Minute of Islands

Posted by FearlessAdventurer on May 19, 2023

Design and sound yay - gameplay and storytelling nay

I really wanted to like this game more. Great drawings, solid and fitting soundtrack, the setting got potential too. Alas, the lame, monotonous gameplay, consisting of simple platforming that feels and controls rather lethargic and a few easy puzzles, left...

Posted by Nico2021 on Apr 18, 2022
A nice platformer that took 6 hours to finish. It has gorgeous graphics but mediocre platforming. Also it is not challenging and doesnt have puzzles except one close to the end. The story is interesting although i didnt really understand how the ending...

Posted by Doom on Jul 21, 2021

Poor man's platformer

I played Minute of Islands straight after reading a raving 5-star review. And since the game was developed by the guys behind the Inner World series which I enjoyed (especially the second game), I was expecting nothing more than a masterpiece. Talk about...

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Adventure Games by Studio Fizbin

» The Inner World (series)

Game Information

Platform Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Perspective Third-Person
Control Gamepad, Keyboard
Gameplay Puzzle
Genre Fantasy
Theme Supernatural
Graphic Style Stylized art
Presentation 2D or 2.5D
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download

Minute of Islands by Studio Fizbin - Adventure Game

Minute of Islands is an adventure game, released in 2021 by Studio Fizbin. Minute of Islands has a Stylized art style and uses a Gamepad, Keyboard control scheme. Adventure Gamers have published a review of Minute of Islands and rate it as A Classic, meanwhile the community rating for Minute of Islands is Uneven.
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