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Minute of Islands only months away on PC and consoles

After venturing beneath the earth for their Inner World series, Studio Fizbin is keeping the action aboveground for their upcoming next project, Minute of Islands.

The game takes place in a "strange and beautiful archipelago, polluted by dangerous spores." Despite the change of scenery, however, the new adventure shares some notable similarities with its subterranean predecessors, in that the very resource keeping the world alive is now in serious jeopardy. Instead of wind, this time "the only thing keeping the series of islands safe are mysterious antennas built when Giants lived alongside people. But the machines are now failing." To the rescue comes a "skilled tinkerer" named Mo, but as the young engineer embarks on a quest to ward off an "almost forgotten threat," she will come to realize that "the powerful Omni Switch at [her] disposal may not be enough to fix all that is broken."

Described as a "transformational journey in a faltering world," Minute of Islands is presented in a "bold comic book art style." As you explore the "colourful and fantastic world across multiple unique islands," you'll encounter a variety of unusual characters in your travels. In order to "uncover the archipelago's secrets" and unravel an "emotional, poetic story of self-exploration," you will also need to wield your "wand-like" Omni Switch to overcome environmental puzzles with a little light platforming along the way.

A specific launch date has not yet been established, but Minute of Islands is getting a broad cross-platform release sometime next spring on Steam for Windows and Mac, as well as console versions for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. To follow its progress in the meantime, drop by the official website for additional details.

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