Obduction game announcement

If the thought of an original new game from Cyan has you excited, a Kickstarter for Obduction has got you covered.

PCMac Oct 19, 2013

Prominence hands-on preview

An early expedition into this promising sci-fi indie adventure had us fully on board by the end.

PC Aug 7, 2013

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements preview

With their crowdfunding campaign really heating up, Himalaya Studios conjured up a sneak peek at the upcoming adventure-RPG.

PCMacLinux Feb 27, 2013

Gamescom round-up: The Thought Saved for Last, Mission: Bielany II preview

Polish developers Igor Hardy and Nitreal Games met us in Germany for a first-hand look at their upcoming adventures.

PC Oct 9, 2012

Gamescom round-up: Nando’s World, Steve Ince, and Lilly Looking Through preview

The German games convention was like an adventure portal to several unique worlds from three different developers.

PCMaciPad Oct 3, 2012

Gamescom round-up: Lucius and Laranzuh preview

The devil is in the details of these two dark but very different adventures on display at gamescom.

PC Sep 26, 2012

Asylum preview

Senscape took us behind the scenes of the Hanwell Institute to discuss the nuts and bolts of Asylum and its engine.

PCMac Sep 12, 2012

Private Moon Studios - AGON 5 and beyond preview

At gamescom, the little Hungarian studio unveiled all the latest projects it's been keeping private until now.

PC Sep 7, 2012

Bracken Tor preview

Matt Clark's new supernatural mystery is nearly ready to rock the Cornish moorlands, and we got a bite-sized glimpse of it at gamescom.

PC Sep 5, 2011

A Stroke of Fate: Operation Bunker preview

A sneak peek at this WWII-era sequel will help kill the time as we're destined to wait for its predecessor's release.

PC Dec 3, 2010

Black Sails preview

Deck13 unfurled its new mystery adventure at E3, though its English release may be well off on the horizon.

PC Jun 30, 2010

A Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale preview

Bill Tiller and Gene Mocsy dish the dirt on Autumn Moon's vampiric comedy sequel, with exclusive artwork unveiled.

PC May 31, 2009

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