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Adventure game previews for PC

Previews for PC are Adventure Gamers' early look at a game, prior to it's release. We give you our views on what you can expect from this game, however, a preview is always an early look at a game that can be altered before release. For a full review of a game in it's final form, look at our adventure game reviews.

Beyond a Steel Sky hands-on preview Article

Beyond a Steel Sky hands-on preview

The complete game remains a way off on the horizon, but we put the latest demo of Revolution's highly anticipated sci-fi sequel through its paces.

Read preview Apr 15, 2020
Nine Noir Lives preview Article

Nine Noir Lives hands-on preview

We got our paws on a short demo of the stylish upcoming comic-noir mystery, and so far it looks (and sounds) like the cat's meow.

Read preview Mar 25, 2020
MADievals preview Article

MADievals hands-on preview

Don't let its serious aesthetic fool you: the first Early Access chapter of this zany point-and-click adventure is sure to put a happy grin on your face.

Read preview Nov 6, 2019
Video Feature Article

A Month of Movies: August 2019 releases video preview

Perhaps you'd like a sneak peek at the great selection of upcoming titles chronicled in Gamewalker's latest trailer compilation.

View video preview Jul 31, 2019
Video Feature Article

A Month of Movies: May 2019 releases video preview

Observe Gamewalker's latest jam-packed collection of trailers that take us from the Norse fjords to ancient China to outer space.

View video preview Apr 29, 2019
Video Feature Article

A Month of Movies: April 2019 releases video preview

Oh, the tales the videos tell in Gamewalker's giant compilation of trailers for April's upcoming adventures.

View video preview Apr 1, 2019
Video Feature Article

A Month of Movies: February 2019 releases video preview

Gamewalker's latest trailer compilation shines a light on next month's forecast adventure games.

View video preview Jan 28, 2019
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders video preview Article

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders video preview

Gamewalker takes us Inside Adventure Gaming once again, this time to expose the mystery awaiting us in 7th century China.

View video preview Nov 26, 2018
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera video preview Article

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera video preview

We dared not say no to Gamewalker's latest Inside Adventure Gaming video showcase of Rafael Garcia's comic point-and-click episodic series.

View video preview Sep 24, 2018
Lamplight City video preview Article

Lamplight City video preview

The spotlight is on Francisco Gonzalez's steampunk-ish, alternative 19th century mystery in Gamewalker's next Inside Adventure Gaming video feature.

View video preview Aug 22, 2018
3 Minutes to Midnight video preview Article

3 Minutes to Midnight video preview

AG and Gamewalker team up to take you Inside Adventure Gaming with a video feature of the upcoming point-and-click 1940s comic conspiracy.

View video preview Jul 11, 2018
Frogwares – The Sinking City interview Article

The Sinking City with Frogwares’ Sergey Oganesyan preview

A hands-on first look plus a chat with the developer opens up with a flood of new details about the upcoming Lovecraftian action-adventure.

Read preview May 4, 2018
We. The Revolution teaser Article

We. The Revolution preview

A sneak peek and interview with the developers will let you judge this unique historical French drama for yourselves.

Read preview Nov 6, 2017
E3 2017 Article

E3 2017: Daedalic Entertainment preview

The German company was stateside to support their latest adventure game projects at this year's busy convention.

Read preview Jun 21, 2017
Jennifer Wilde preview Article

Jennifer Wilde preview

In a gamescom exclusive, AG lifts the veil and goes beyond in this supernatural 1920s murder mystery.

Read preview Sep 2, 2016

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