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Walkthrough - Bone: Out from Boneville


                               FAQ/Walkthrough for
                            BONE: OUT FROM BONEVILLE



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  19th June, 2008
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Copyright Information


1.1:  19th June, 2008   (Format update)
1.0:  28th April, 2006  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


Based on the first in a series of comics by Jeff Smith, Out from Boneville
tells the story of three cousins that get kicked out of their village and end
up lost in the desert. After escaping the desert, the three cousins are
separated and arrive in a valley filled with a host of interesting characters.
The game is made by Telltale, and they have done a great job of transferring
the style of the comic to the game. Though short and very easy, the characters
and locations bring the comic to life in this well made adventure.


2.                                Walkthrough



After being kicked out of Boneville two weeks ago, Fone, Phoney and Smiley have
been wandering around in the desert searching for a way out. You are currently
in control of Fone Bone. Try walking around by clicking the left mouse button
on an area in the desert. The foot cursor will change into a hand when it moves
over an object that can be interacted with. Try clicking the hand on a rock in
the middle of the area and a scorpion will run out. Head toward the location
that the Scorpion ran to and click on the rock under Smiley to find a map. Talk
to Smiley and say "I'm trying to get this thing out from under this rock.", say
"I'll tell you after I get it out.", say "Just stand up, will ya?".

Smiley will drop down from the rock to pull out the map. Smiley refuses to give
the map to Phoney unless he is given a dollar first. On the conversation menu
you can now talk to two different Bones by selecting a character at the top of
the menu. Talk to Smiley and say "How about a tune, Smiley?". Select one of the
songs from the list. Talk to Phoney and say "Do you really hate Smiley's music
so much?". He mentions that he can't stand Smiley's songs, especially Old Gray
Mare song. Talk to Smiley and say "Can you play Old Gray Mare?". Phoney is so
disgusted when Smiley starts to play the song that he gives a dollar to Fone.
Click on the backpack at the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the
inventory. Give the dollar to Smiley and he will give the map to Fone. Before
they can study the map, they see a swarm of locusts flying toward them.


Control Fone by moving the mouse from side to side to avoid the rocks. Run to
the side of rocks or jump over them by pressing the left mouse button. Fone
will move further back toward the locusts each time that he hits a rock. Keep
running to complete the chase. On later versions of the game you will have the
option to skip the chase sequence if Fone is overtaken by the locusts.


Bone wakes up in a dark cave holding a torch that provides a small circle of
light. Walk south-east from the start point and pick up Smiley's cigar butt on
the floor. Walk east and use the jump cursor to jump across the gap. Get the
second cigar butt on the other side. Walk west and jump up the rocks to the
ledge at the top. Get the third cigar butt on the left. Walk north to the rock
that sticks out from the edge and select the slope to slide down to the end.
Get the fourth cigar butt and then walk west to the wall. Turn left and follow
the path along to find the fifth cigar butt. Walk east to the drop and then
walk north. Turn the corner and walk east to exit the cave. Walk east to the
top of the slope and jump down the rocks. Walk east to see the forest.


Walk east to the river and turn right to see a green bug on the grass. Talk
to the bug and he will introduce himself as Ted. Say "Have you seen my cousins
around?". Ted says that he hasn't seen them, but Thorn might have. Say "Who's
this Thorn?. He's not another bug is he?". Say "How am I supposed to find this
Thorn?". Ted gives directions and mentions that the river has to be crossed.
Say "Uhh...I don't see a way to cross this river." Ted says that he will help.
Say "Uhhh...Okay, I guess." and Ted will start jumping across the river.


Ted does two small jumps followed by one big jump. The aim is to cross over the
rocks in the river using this pattern of jumping. Jump east, south, east. Jump
north, north, east. Jump south, east, north. Jump south, south, south. Jump
west, east, east. Jump east, north, north. Jump north, south, east. Jump south,
east, north. Jump north, east, south. Jump east to cross the river.


There is no need to talk to Big Brother at this point. He tells Bone that he
hasn't seen his cousins and that he should stay out trouble in the valley, but
apart from this he is no help at all. Walk east to the apple tree and then go
north up the path to see another one of Smiley's cigar butts.


Fone walks toward two huge rat creatures who decide to have Bone for dinner.
Talk to the purple creature and say "I wouldn't let him call you fat. You don't
look fat to me.". The creatures will start arguing, giving Bone an opportunity
to escape. Step back when the creatures look away from Fone and stand still
when one of the creatures looks toward him. Eventually Fone will move back far
enough to jump off the cliff. He lands on a branch and the creatures jump down
as well. The branch breaks and Bone and the rat creatures fall down.


Fone runs through the bush toward the river and is cornered by the creatures,
but fortunately for him they both run off when they see the dragon. The dragon
has seen Fone's cousins but won't tell him where they are. Walk east past the
dragon and then walk south over the rocks to exit the area.


Talk to the possums and say "Do you know the way to the hot spring?". They know
the way, but refuse to tell Fone unless he plays a game with them first. Say
"Uh...Well Okay. What do you want ta play?". Say "Hide an' seek sounds like
fun.". Fone counts to ten and the possums all run off to hide in the area. The
possums hide in random locations each time the game is played. Walk to an area
in the screen and the possums will say whether Fone is cold, warm or hot when
he stops moving. Select a hotspot when the possusms say that Fone is hot. Find
all three of the possums and they will ask Fone if he wants to play again. Say
"Not now guys, you said you'd show me how to get to th' spring.". Say "Heh.
Maybe another time.". Exit near the bush at the left side of the area.


Fone sees a woman sitting on a log at the side of a pool and walks down to talk
to her. Select any speech option twice, and then say "Ted told me to find you!
He said you know everything!". Say "Ted told me you could help us get back to
Boneville?". Say "I've been asking around about them but no one's seen 'em.".
Say "Hooray! Pretty soon I'll be back in Boneville!". She says that she hasn't
heard of Boneville. Say "I don't belong here..." and Thorn will mention that
her grandmother may be able to help. Say "Where can I find your gran'ma?" and
Thorn will offer to take Fone to her. Say "Okay, I'm ready. Let's go.".


The game now switches to Fone's cousin Phoney. Walk east and Phoney's stomach
will begin to grumble. Talk to the stomach using any speech option as Phoney
walks east. Continue east to see the log over the river that Fone crossed
earlier. Talk to Big Brother and say "Where can I get some food?". Say "I want
those apples! Get outta th' way!". Say "This is a waste of time.". Select the
third speech option to insult him. Big Brother will charge toward Phoney, so
quickly click on the big rock. Phoney moves out of the way just in time and Big
Brother knocks himself out on the rock. Cross the log over the river and walk
east to the apple tree to collect the apple. Continue north to exit the area.


The dragon is sleeping when Phoney enters the area. You can try talking to him,
but he carries on sleeping no matter what speech option is selected. Walk south
over the rocks at the right side of the area to enter the Possum's garden.


Talk to the possums and say "Wait a minute, did you say you know Fone Bone?".
Say "If I give you kids a dollar, will you tell me where Fone went?". Say
"C'mon, just tell me where Fone Bone went.". They agree to tell Phoney where
Fone went if he plays hide 'n seek with them. Say "Oh, brother. Fine. Let's
make it quick." to start the game. Phoney now has to hide and give directions
to the possums so that they can find him. Tell the possums they are warm if
they are far away but facing in Phoney's direction, or cold if they are facing
away from him. Direct all three possums to Phoney and they will all run off.
With the possums distracted, walk to the path at the left side of the area.


Phoney walks into the area and finds Ted standing on a rock. Say "I'm lookin'
for a guy named Fone Bone.  You seen him?". Ted says that he might be at the
farm. Say "Take me to Fone Bone at once!". Say "Okay, fine. Let's get a move
on.". Say "C'mon then, I ain't got all day!" to travel to the farm.


Ted takes Phoney to the farm to meet Gran'ma Ben. Say "Ya got any food around
this place?". Say "You think I just walk around askin' for food for no reason?"
and she will ask Phoney to work. Say "I don't hafta work for anything!". Say
"Cut the chit-chat, Grams. You got any food or not?" to meet up with Fone.


Phoney is considering leaving the farm when Fone talks to him. Say "I'll talk
to ya later.". Gran'ma tells Fone that she wants him to do a few chores before
dinner. Say "Thanks, ma'am! We're happy ta help!" and she will explain the
chores that have to be done. Say "Let's get that wood!" to start Fone's chore.
Try to get the axe from the stump and Ted will jump down to ask what he is
doing. Say "I need to split firewood, but this axe is stuck.". When he asks if
Fone wants help, say "Uh...sure, Ted." to see the termites eat the stump and
the handle of the axe. Get the axe head and use it on the log. The log doesn't
split as there is no force from the axe head. Walk west through the area and
get the rock at the left side of Gran'ma Ben. Return to the right side of the
area and use the rock on the axe head to split the log in half.

Walk west and get a corn cob from the barrel at the right side of the house.
Walk south-west to the well and use it. Thorn will walk over and tell Fone not
to mention the dragon to Gran'ma Ben. Say "But I saw one! He had a goatee 'n' a
cigaret 'n' big ol hairy ears!". Thorn will walk off and the dragon will appear
from the well. Try to use the corn cob in the bucket and Fone will say that it
is too big to fit. Talk to the well and the dragon will appear. say "Can you
help me out?". Say "Can you breathe fire on this corn cob?". Say "Please just
breathe fire on the corn cob.". Use the burnt corn cob on the bucket and Fone
will plug the hole. Use the bucket in the well to get the water. Now that Fone
has both of the items that Gran'ma Ben wanted, talk to her and say "Finished
with the wood!" to give her the pieces of chopped wood. Talk to her again and
say "Here's your water, ma'am!". The game switches to Phoney in the forest.


Walk east to exit the area. Talk to the possums and say "Say, that's a nifty
spade you guys got there....". Say "You kids wanna play a game or somethin'?".
Say "How bout if I tell ya a story....". Say "It's a story about something
really exciting...". Select the top option six times and the possums will fall
asleep. Get the spade and then walk west to return to the area with the pool.
Use the spade on one of the turnip mounds to collect a turnip.


Walk east to the possum's garden and south-east to the dragon's area. Walk past
the dragon and go north to return to the area with Big Brother. Talk to Big
Brother and say "Yeah, yer th' smart one. You shake yer brains loose on that
rock?". Big Brother charges at Phoney again, so select the apples in the tree
to hide. Phoney is launched into the air and he grabs an apple from the tree.


With all of the chores completed, Phoney returns to the farm for dinner. Keep
talking to Gran'ma Ben and Thorn until the "Yawn..." option appears. Select it
and Gran'ma Ben will tell everyone to go to bed. Say "Yeah....". In the night,
rat creatures surround the farm and chase after Fone.


This chase is similar to the locust chase near the start of the game, control
Fone with the mouse and use the left mouse button to jump over obstacles. Move
to the side if one of the rat creatures advances toward Fone. After the race,
Fone continues on to Barrelhaven where he is reunited with Phoney and Smiley.


3.                                Item List


  Found by making Big Brother charge toward the apple tree while playing as
  Phoney. It is given to Gran'ma Ben to complete one of her chores.

  Found on the grass at the farm after the termites have eaten the log. It is
  used on the log. Another item must be used on the axe head to split the log.

  Available at the start of the game. Ted can look at the book in the inventory
  or use it on other characters to read passages from Moby Dick.

  Found by using the burnt corn cob on the bucket at Gran'ma Ben's farm. It is
  used on the well at the farm to get the bucket of water.

  Found by using the bucket on the well at Gran'ma Ben's farm. It is given to
  Gran'ma Ben to complete one of her chores.

  Found by asking the dragon in the well for help after Fone uses the corn cob
  on the bucket. It is used to plug the hole in the bucket.

  Found on the floor in the cave. Fone can follow the cigar stubs to find his
  way out of the cave. They can also be picked up, but are not used.

  Found in the barrel outside Gran'ma Ben's house. After trying to use the corn
  cob in the bucket, Fone can ask the dragon for help so that he burns it.

  Found by telling Smiley to play Old Gray Mare. The song annoys Phoney so much
  that he gives the dollar to Fone. It is given to Phoney to receive the map.

  Found by using the axe head on the log and the rock on the axe head at the
  farm. It is given to Gran'ma Ben to complete one of her chores.

  Found by giving the dollar to Smiley. The map is given to Thorn, who says
  that it is familiar and reminds her of a dream she used to have.

  Found on the grass at the left side of Gran'ma Ben at the farm. After the axe
  head has been used on the log, the rock is used on the axe head.

  Found by telling a good story to the Possums while playing as Phoney. They
  won't fall asleep if the story is boring. It is given to Gran'ma Ben.

  Found by using the spade on the turnip mound one screen west of the Possums'
  garden. It is given to Gran'ma Ben to complete one of her chores.


4.                          Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2006-2008 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
of the sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the
GAME INFO Bone: Out from Boneville is an adventure game by Telltale Games released in 200520072006 for Mac and PC. It has a Comic cartoon style and is played in a Third-Person perspective.


We get a small commission from any books sold.
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