Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

The game begins in Casablanca, 2219. Zoë Castillo is about to get involved in a conspiracy that involves two worlds, one in magic and the other in technology. There has been static interference that is disrupting technology, and it seems to be linked to a little girl seen only by Zoë. As Zoë begins her search for a lost friend, she discovers the truth about the two worlds and the search is now on for the one person who may help Zoë unravel the dangerous web she has become entangled in: April Ryan.

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Posted by Lucien21 on May 27, 2012

When's Chapters coming out?

Dreamfall is the sequal to The Longest Journey. Something is strange in the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia once again. This time you are Zoe Castillo a young woman in Casablanca, a college drop out with no direction. Used to lazing about with... Read the review »

Posted by subbi on May 20, 2012
Fantastic story, interesting chatacters and a nice shining look. The gameplay was a bit too hybrid for it to work well and the ending was abrupt....... Read the review »

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Game Information

Platform Mac, PC, Xbox
Perspective Third-Person
Control Click-and-drag (mouse), Gamepad, Keyboard
Gameplay Quest
Genre Fantasy, Science Fiction
Theme -
Graphic Style Illustrated realism
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) Arcade, Combat, Stealth, Timed events
Red Flags Sound puzzles
Media CD, DVD