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The Longest Journey doubles mileage of Dreamfall GOTY

The Longest Journey just keeps on going, even if it sometimes retraces its own steps.

This month, Aspyr will be publishing Dreamfall: Game of the Year Edition for PC in North America, with a couple of enticing extras bundled in. Along with the sequel that pushed the series in a bold new direction, the GOTY re-release will include the classic adventure that started it all, The Longest Journey itself. Also added for good measure will be the highly-acclaimed Dreamfall soundtrack.

The original release of Dreamfall generated renewed interest in TLJ, and including it in the re-release should help expose even more gamers to Funcom's renowned 1999 point-and-clicker. And for those who initially shied away from Dreamfall because of its shift to direct control, full 3D, and a few action elements, the new bundle offers a second chance to experience the game for yourself.

Although no specific date has been announced, Dreamfall: Game of the Year Edition is due out some time in May, with a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

Details on Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

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