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Walkthrough for Unforeseen Incidents



Backwoods Entertainment


Walkthrough by chrissie June 2018




This is a point & click game played almost entirely with either the left or right button of the mouse.  You will on occasion have to use your keyboard to type in commands &/or information.  

Pressing the SPACEBAR highlights all points of interest in a scene. Clicking on the mouse will speed through dialogue during conversations. Double-clicking on an exit/entrance will take you immediately to the next location.


Inventory: Move the cursor to the top of the screen to access it. Click on an item to get a description. Click & drag an item from the inventory to use it in the current scene. Items can be combined. Some items you acquire may consist of a group of sub-items which will appear in a row underneath when you click on the item.  


Press ESC to access the MAIN MENU. There are 29 SAVE slots which can be overwritten except for the one reserved for an AUTOSAVE. The saves are labelled with the date.


About this walkthrough

This is just one way of playing the game. Much of it can be completed in any order.

You will have the choice of a few tasks to carry out at any one time. For the purposes of this guide I’ve tried to separate them as much as possible.

N.B The18 Achievements you can get I have not included (apart from 3 of them) but you will get 9 just by playing the game.    



Exhaust all dialogues clicking on characters more than once if needed. 

Look at everything in the environment, looking more than once will often give you an additional comment.

Pick up everything that’s not nailed down! 



Listen to the evening news broadcast from Port Nicola Stadium.


After answering the phone go upstairs & pick up the MULTI-TOOL from the floor.

Downstairs click on the lower cabinet to get GLUE.

Exit the apartment & automatically walk to Professor MacBride’s lab.


Fix the laptop:

After talking to him look at the laptop then on the power adapter (on the lower left wall) to discover the cable is frayed.

You should find ELECTRICAL TAPE either in the cabinet left of the desk or in one of the desk drawers depending on what you try first.

Click on the multi-tool pincers in inventory, then use on the power adapter followed by the electrical tape.


Exit the lab, note the eagle statue by Cardero then go up the steps to discover a sick girl.

After talking to her if you choose to go against her wishes use the phone to the left to call RHC’s number by punching in 111111.

(N.B. The number was mentioned on the radio & is on the posters. Also 911 works too!)


If you decide to leave her be, your neighbour Mrs Olsen will intervene & call them anyway.

Click on the backpack to take the ENVELOPE.



Before leaving the vicinity click on the dumpster & then the PANTYHOSE.


Go up the steps. Look at the car & compressor.  Go left & back down to the lab.  

After talking to MacBride he invites you to come & stay with him in Port Nicola but before that he wants you to help him with a plan & gives you a PROTECTIVE SUIT to alter. He also asks you to have a look at his car & gives you the CAR KEYS.


Try to deliver the envelope:

Go up the two sets of steps to be by a sign advertising the Seagulls vs. Racoons game.

Take the CABLE & the PAINT.


Go to the hotel.

Click on the broom closet next to the reception desk. Take the FISH FOOD, AQUARIUM HOSE & KILL-IT BANG (detergent).


Talk to Morton. There’s no guest by the name of Helliwell & Morton won’t allow you behind the front desk to look at the register.

You glean from him that he wants to be more knowledgeable about football in order to impress a date but can’t leave his post to watch the big game.


Distract Morton:

Leave the hotel & go right to a junkyard. Take the TV (by the washing machine in the pile of electronic scrap). Note that the TV has a built-in VCR

Return to the hotel, give the TV to Morton then use the cable & electrical tape from inventory on the short cable hanging from the TV to automatically plug it into the outlet. The TV doesn’t work so click on it twice & use the multi-tool screwdriver. It needs soldering.

Before exiting the hotel go downstairs & talk to the barkeeper to discover he won’t give you a beer without ID. 

After returning home go upstairs & use the TV on the soldering iron. While you’re there pick up ID from pants.

Back at the hotel give the repaired TV to Morton & click on it to discover you can’t get the sports channel.


Go back down to the bar & click on the videos of old football games but there’s not enough information on the labels.

The current match is between the (Port Nicola) Seagulls & the (Blue Ridge) Racoons so talk to the fans until they mention an earlier year when those teams played against each other.

Take the VIDEO TAPE marked 1986, go upstairs & use on the TV.


Now Morton’s occupied, you can use the fish food on the aquarium if you wish for an Achievement


Find Helliwell:

Click on the swing door (of the reception desk), then on the newspapers to get the PORT NICOLA TIMES & YELLTOWN TIMES. Click on each in inventory to get a close-up, note the phone numbers of their respective editorial offices & try ringing them using the phone at the left.


You know that Helliwell is probably booked in at the hotel so look at the guest book to see a list of names preceded by their room number then try to read the info on the small white card:

Front desk 555 2368

Hotel rooms 555 2368 Room Nr.

You can now phone the rooms but as you’re already at the front desk you only need to tap in the room numbers.

As you have discovered that Helliwell is a she try ringing each of the 4 female guests to find out which one she may be posing as.  

TIP: A journalist may be the most interested if you tell her “I read an interesting article in the paper today.....”


Decode the message:

Helliwell (aka Ursula James) agrees to meet you. Go to the bar & talk to her after handing her the envelope. She retrieves a ‘coded message with symbols’ from it. You recognise it as referring to radio wave frequencies.

After you’ve made a copy to get NOTE, return to your apartment, go upstairs & click on the radio.


Click on the note in inventory for a close-up.

The top number is that of the ‘station’ the radio needs to be tuned to.

Do this by clicking & dragging the large dial at bottom right until the red marker corresponds to the same on the gauge to the left. If you need to, click on either the FM or AM buttons left of the gauge to change the frequency.

Next change the settings on the 3 sets of dials top right by clicking & dragging them.


The numbers are random & vary from game to game but here is an example. (N.B you can’t see on the picture, but the small light next to the lower AM button is lit as 655.9 is on the bottom row of the gauge).


Image #1


Back out of the close-up of the radio to hear a broadcast.

(N.B if you don’t hear anything, click on the radio again & try very slightly adjusting the tuning knob to automatically back-out when it’s in the right place).

Automatically Helliwell  arrives to listen to it.


Go to the hotel bar & talk to Helliwell. She explains why she’s incognito & also gives you some info about Senator Sylvia Thurlow.


While you’re in the bar buy a BEER.


Fix the car:

Go to the car, use the car keys to open the hood & click on the various parts to see what’s missing:

battery, fan belt, spark plugs, radiator hose & coolant.

Take note that the radiator is copper-brass & has a G stamped on it. The oil level is fine.


Go to the extreme right of the junkyard & pick up the PAINT ATOMIZER in front of the trailer.

Talk to Leroy about car parts. Give him the beer & ask again.

Coolant: Listen to what Leroy says about copper-brass radiators & choose the only inorganic one beginning with G to get G18 COOLANT.

Fanbelt: Leroy doesn’t have one but you may be able to jury-rig one.

Battery: look at the antediluvian junk to get BATTERY.

Radiator hose: look at the ancient junk where you can see some cylinders to get RADIATOR HOSE.

Spark plugs: click on the crane lever but it’s stuck. Tell Leroy then go to the car.


Take the JAR from the shelf.

In inventory use the multi-tool scissors on the aquarium hose to get CUT AQUARIUM HOSE & use it on the oil tank to get OIL.


Back at the junkyard use the oil on the crane lever. Click on the lever, & then on the dropped car engine to get the SPARK PLUGS.


Use the pantyhose (from the dumpster) on the fan belt pulleys.


Copy the bio-suit:

Look at one of the posters around town to see what’s needed. Use the multi-tool scissors on one of the posters to get RHC INSIGNIA. In inventory use the multi-tool pincers on the glue to open it. Use the glue on the RHC insignia to get STICKY RHC INSIGNIA then use this on the protective suit.

In inventory use the killit-bang on the paint atomizer. Use the paint atomizer on the paint & then on the compressor.  Finally use the protective suit on the paint atomizer to get DISGUISE.


Go to the lab to tell MacBride that the car is fixed & the suit is ready but he doesn’t know the location of the RHC camp.

Go to the hotel bar & talk to Helliwell.


Sneak into the RHC camp:

MacBride has already given you a SYRINGE. Talk to Helliwell who gives you a CAMERA.

Go towards the fence then approach the guard after he spots you. He wants ID. Go back & talk to MacBride & Helliwell.

While Helliwell is distracting the guard use the multi-tool pincers on the fence & enter the camp.

Look at & take photos of the nearest hut, chapel & crates. Open up the tent on the left & take a photo.........................


It doesn’t matter which dialogue choice you make.



Watch the the guards. The goal is to get one of the canisters containing the virus. To achieve this you need to try & fit in with their movements to get the paint atomizer.


As soon as the guard moves from the position Harper is in now, move out from the archway to fill that gap. (N.B The guard stood further back but the trick is to move onto that green hose-like shadow). Once you’re there, click on the paint atomizer as soon as the guard on the right starts walking towards you & use it on the nearest guard.........


Image #2


...........in the following scene it doesn’t matter what dialogue choices you make....................



Hacking puzzle:

The goal is to direct the flow of energy to light up all of the nodes by clicking on & turning the various connectors. (N.B. not all of the connecters need to be used.)


Image #3



Listen to the broadcast from Backwoods Radio. 


After waking up in a basement, there’s no means of escape & it doesn’t matter what dialogue choices you make until a crash of lightening breaks the radio.

Talk to the rogue woman until she allows you to fix it.


Use the multi-tool screwdriver on the radio. Pick up the CIGARETTE BOX from the shelf, click on it in inventory to get ALUMINIUM FOIL & use on the radio.

Hear a transmission similar to the one you heard in Yellstown.


Jervis mentions that she’s seen the symbol on the canister somewhere before & thinks the transmission is coming from somewhere in Graystone woods.


Jervis wants you to find the source of the transmission & gives you a MAP of Graystone National Park. You can pinpoint the source of the signals by a method called triangulation which requires a portable radio, which Jervis doesn’t have, & the location of the two highest points in Graystone.


Look at the map in inventory & see that the peaks (represented by black triangles) have their heights written by them. Click on the 2 highest i.e. Sneak Peak & Long John Peak to mark their locations on your map.  Note that some other locations have already been marked.


Image #4


Exit the cabin.


Acquire a radio:

Look at the map & click on the farm. Go right, then towards the house & talk to the farmer. He will lend you his radio if you bring him something to eat. He wants a sandwich with hot sauce.

Before leaving the farm go to the right to see a scarecrow.

Look at the sign & take note that the power company is channelling storm water through the meadow. If you look carefully see that there’s a number 2 on the sign.

Click on the plant left of the screen to get PEPPERS.


Go to the map & click on the diner.

Go right to enter the diner & talk to Ronda.  Ask for something to eat but she’s out of the super spicy chipotle lava sauce so settle for either the classic tomato catsup or the buffalo BBQ smoke to get a SANDWICH. In inventory add the peppers to get SPICY SANDWICH.


Back at the farm give the spicy sandwich to the farmer for the RADIO.


Triangulate the signal:

Go to each of the highest peaks & click on the radio in inventory.


In each case you will see an orange line appear on the map which you need to drag & swivel until you get the strongest signal as indicated by the frequency bar at the bottom of the map. When done correctly a new location will appear where the two lines cross.



Image #5


Click ‘?’ on the map to go there but you can’t proceed as the way is blocked by a fallen tree.

Pick up the FENCE POST


Go to the farm & talk to the farmer about his tractor. He agrees to help you move the tree if you get his power back on but you’ll need a winch.  He mentions a hydro plant run by two brothers. A new location is added to the map.


Restore power to the farm:

Go to the hydro plant & click on the device right of the door. You need a password. Go up the steps to see the reservoir & look at the no swimming sign.

Go to the diner & talk to Nelson Wylie. Take note of why his co-worker is a bully & that he actually changed Wylie’s password to an insult.

Go back to the hydro plant, tap in doofus on the device & go through the door.

Talk to Edwin but he’s uncooperative. You need to find away to convince him that he can’t manage the hydro plant on his own


Go left to the terminal & click on the red lever labelled 2.

Go to the farm then right towards the stream & take the SCARECROW.

Back at the hydro plant use the scarecrow on the reservoir.

Go down & talk to Edwin.

When he leaves take the NOTE & look at it in inventory to see a code.

Go left, click on the device to the right of the door, tap in the code znarssw & press the tick symbol.


Go up the stairs & click on the terminal.

See a gauge on the left with 4 moveable sliders.

Click ‘OK’ to see how many turbines out of 4 are correct & how much pressure there is indicated by the bars. 


The puzzle is random but the aim seems to be to move each of the sliders on the left until 4/4 turbines are correct & there is no pressure.  

In turn, move each slider to a different position & click ‘OK’ every time. If after you’ve moved a slider the pressure goes up move it back & try the other position to hopefully get another correct turbine.

(N.B I could only solve this by trial & error but it really isn’t difficult or time-consuming).


When Edwin appears talk to him until he goes down to phone Nelson. Offer encouragement with any dialogue choices.


Access the radio station:

Now the power is back on, go to the shack & look at the cable winch on the front of the truck. Enter the cabin & talk to Jervis.

Go back out to the truck; use the multi-tool wrench on the winch & then the fence post to get

CABLE WINCH. Go & talk to the farmer.......


On the map, click on ‘?’ & enter the radio station.

Pick up the book from the floor to get DIARY & click on it to read. See a user name & password jotted down on the edge of one of the pages.


Go to the right & click on the computer. The aim is to shut down the broadcast.

Use your keyboard to type in the following pressing Enter after each command:

Username: A_smith

Password: eagle






Investigate the symbol:

Go to the diner & look at the 3 paintings to see the symbol included in each of them.

Ask Ronda about the paintings & all topics to do with Cardero paying attention to how he likes his cupcakes.

Ask Ronda for a COFFEE & something to eat with any sauce. While she’s distracted, click on the keys (to activate them).

After Ronda gives you the SANDWICH go outside & click on the trunk of the car.

Take the utterly boring looking cupcakes to get CUPCAKES.


Go to the shack & talk to Jervis to get a new location on the map.


Go to Conifer Canyon, click on the intercom & talk to Cardero until he lets you through the gate. (Make sure you have the cupcakes).  Pick up the book by the fire to get COWBOY BOOK & look at it in inventory. Click on the door of the bunker & talk to Cardero again. When he comes out he mentions misery, salvation & dawn. He you wants you to understand the triptych.


The Triptych:

Go to the diner & note the subjects of the painting: a large sun, a forest & a guy being attacked by birds.


Talk to Ronda who thinks that the paintings are about transition & the one with the sun is called ‘Dawn’. She also mentions that by the time Cardero did the last painting he’d started painting from life.

Go to the farm & talk to the farmer who says that the painting with the sun was the 2nd or 3rd that Cardero painted.

Go to the shack & talk to Jervis who knows that the one with the forest is not called salvation & knows the part of Graystone it’s based on.

You can now deduce that the painting depicting a guy being attacked by birds is called ‘Salvation’, the one with the forest is called ‘Misery’ & the last to be painted as it’s from life.  Therefore ‘Salvation’ must be 1st & ‘Dawn’ 2nd.


Go to Conifer Canyon & answer Cardero’s questions about the Triptych.

Cardero takes you to see his masterpiece. Pay close attention to the sentences he recites...........


Light a fire:

Jervis asks you to light a fire & gives you a NATURE HANDBOOK.

Read it to see what you need to gather.

Tinder: Use the multi-tool knife on the tinder fungus growing on the tree in the current scene to get


Flint: Find STONES outside the shack & diner, at Long John Peak & Sneak Peak. (N.B I found that the flint was one of the stones from outside the diner but this may be random)

Kindling: Pick up small branches from either the diner area or Long John Peak to get KINDLING.

Fuelwood: Go to Sneak Peak & click on the dead tree to get DEADWOOD.

(See that Cardero’s cave has now appeared on the map).


Following the instructions from the nature handbook, in inventory use the multi-tool knife on the tinder fungus to get TINDER FLAKES.

Use the multi-tool knife on each of the stones until you discover the flint to get SPARK.

Use the tinder flakes followed by the spark on the fire pit. Then add the tinder fungus, kindling & lastly the deadwood.


Revive Cardero:

Try to use the coffee on Cardero.

Look at the different plants in the nature book & read the descriptions.

HERBS can be found outside the shack, farm silo & barn; at Long John Peak, Conifer Canyon & the reservoir.

Compare each plant with the illustrations in the nature book to identify the Dahoon Holly which has large dark green shiny leaves. (N.B I found it at Sneak Peak but this may be random.)

Take the KETTLE from the ‘masterpiece’, use it on the barrel to get WATER & boil it on the fire. In inventory combine it with what looks like the Dahoon Holly plant to get TEA.

Give the tea to Cardero.

Talk to him to find out what happened to him & what his masterpiece represents.


Back at the shack Jervis gives you the VIRUS TANK & Helliwell’s NUMBER.

Helliwell, when you call her, wants you to take photos. Jervis gives you a CAMERA.


Go to the radio station..................................



Hacking puzzle:


Image #6


Hear the radio & wake up in Helliwell’s apartment. MacBride visits but for some reason you are not infected with the virus.


Talk to Helliwell.

She gives you back the DIARY. She also hands you a USB STICK (for hacking), a roll of FILM & a MAP.

Click on the lamp next to the bed to get the RED LIGHT BULB & then pick up the BAKING POWDER from the cupboard on the right.



Develop the film:

Exit the apartment, click on the large window of the building to the left to see that it’s a camera shop called the F-Stop.

Click on the door & talk to the guy. He tells you how to make caffenol using instant coffee, baking powder & vitamin C, which can be used instead of developing fluid. He gives you a DEVELOPMENT KIT (minus the developer) which includes a MANUAL, DEVELOPMENT REEL, TANK & FIXER.


Talk to the old man on the left about all subjects.


Click on the map & go to Dockside. Go left & enter the bar. Click on the fruit bowl to take the ORANGE then talk to the barmaid to get (filtered) COFFEE.


Go back to the City Centre & offer the coffee to the old man to get INSTANT COFFEE.

Return to Helliwell’s apartment.


In inventory combine the instant coffee, baking powder & orange to make CAFFENOL, then click on the development kit to look at the manual.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Enter the door on the right to be in a bathroom & use the red light bulb on the lamp.
  2. Use the film on the development reel to get FILM ON REEL.
  3. Use the film on reel on the tank to get TANK WITH REEL then add the caffenol to get TANK WITH CAFFENOL.
  4. (Not needed)
  5. Use the fixer on the tank with caffenol to get TANK WITH FIXER.
  6. Use the tank with fixer on the sink.


Click on the PHOTOS to take them.

After showing them to Helliwell, click on both the code & the anchor stamped on the crate in the top photo. Look at the others & note the one of Yelltown Junkyard.



Using the map go to the university. Talk to Crystal Energy.  She gives you something to take &you just need to follow the instructions on the tape:




Disco sucks. Disco sucks. Disco sucks.


I’m Harper Pendrell



If you give the correct responses you see a vision of MacBride & your mother.

Once out of the trance, you discover you’ve been robbed & only have the MAP in inventory.


Look at the missing person poster on the notice board to get FLYER.

Enter the university & talk to MacBride.


Go & talk to Helliwell in her apartment. She gives you a NEWSPAPER & draws your attention to one of the articles. She then gives you 2 PICTURES & asks you to find the location of where they were taken.


Locating the warehouse:

Go to the library & talk to Trisha to get a MAGNIFIER. (Make sure you’ve spoken to the old man).

She tells you that the computer is an Interactive Mercantile Directory where you can research all the businesses & institutions from the last 30 years.


Look at the newspaper & the pictures in inventory.

The newspaper is dated 1992 & you can just make out the logo in the background for Aeolus Innovations. (On the poster outside the university).

One of the pictures is dated 1987 & has the logo in the background for the Carbon Neutral Ceramics Company. (On one of the boxes in the bar)

The other picture has the logo of the Port Nicola Municipal Transportation Agency. (Click on the top left corner of the map).


Click on the IMD, & then on the minus sign left of the date to scroll back to 1992.  See 3 locations for Aeolus Innovations.

Go back further to 1987 & see 3 locations for the ceramics company.

Click on the location down on the right coast, that both companies have in common, then ‘Print address’ to get a PRINTOUT.  


If you scroll forward you will see that the transport company was based in the same location from 2000 - 2008.  (N.B The address for any company in any year based in the same place will also do).


Image #7



Give the printout to Helliwell to be outside the warehouse.

Click on the UNSUCCESSFUL DELIVERY NOTE on the door. Click on the entrance. There doesn’t seem to be any way of getting in so click on the map to leave the area................(Get an Achievement!)

Alternatively If you have already retrieved your lost items use the multi-tool knife on the entrance.


Enter the warehouse.

Click on the cabinet to get a MARINA PEN & a new location marked on the map.

Exit the warehouse to be back in Helliwell’s apartment.

Look at the unsuccessful delivery note in inventory & see that it looks like the code on Jervis’s photo.


Gain access to the dockyard:

Go to Dockside & see an ID Card Reader by the gate.

Talk to the thief to retrieve your items.

Go left to the bar & talk to the drunkard. Use the photos on him to borrow his HARBOR PASS.

Exit the bar & use it on the ID Card Reader then return it to Leroy for an Achievement.


Enter the dockyard; look at the notice on the board to see a list of the Location & Shipment company codes. Go right & talk to the dockworker. He tells you about the codes on the packages.

The first 3 digits refer to the courier company.

The next 4 refer to the point of origin & the destination.

The next 5 are the unique 5 digit reference code.

If you either ask about or show him the unsuccessful delivery note he will let you retrieve the package.


Retrieving the package:

Use the USB stick Helliwell gave you on the computer to see a puzzle.

The goal is to get all of the flashing pink files past the grey files with the lock icons & into the blank ones on the right.

The pink files can only go right & the grey files left but both can jump over one opposite coloured file where there’s a space.


Labelling the files from left to right 1234 (pink files) ABCD (grey files) this is a suggested order:

4 AB 432 ABCD 4321 ABCD 321 CD.  Click on the pink files to get them into the blank files.  

(N.B click on the blank files if you need to reset the puzzle).


Look at the photos in inventory & note the code KAPN - 45739.

On the computer, highlight KA under ‘Origin’ & PN under ‘Dest’.

Enter 45739 in the box under ID. You don’t know the courier company so under ‘Company’ click on the asterisk. Press ‘Find’ to see the complete code so you now know the name of the courier company.


Click on ‘Change search’. The unsuccessful delivery note only has a partial code ...PN - 23...

Click on IXL under company & PN under ‘Dest.’ 

Highlight the asterisk under ID, the asterisk under ‘Origin’ & then click on ‘Find’ to see a list of codes.

(You note that a lot of the shipments come from a place with the code KA).

See that there are 3 reference codes that start with 23. Highlight each of them & click on ‘Call’ to find the package that’s still at the docks.


Image #8






Look in your inventory & see an AQUILA FLYER which you must have got when you retrieved your stolen items.

Go to Dockside & talk to the thief. She used to distribute the Aquila flyers & worked for a guy called Ricardo.

Go to the bar & show the flyer of the missing person to the barmaid.

Talk to Helliwell who tells you that aquila is latin for eagle.

Go to the library & talk to Trisha. A new location appears on the map.


The island:

Go to the beach. Take the PADDLES from the side of the boathouse. Use the multi-tool pincers on the lock. Take the INFLATABLE DINGHY & use it on the ocean to place it down.  Use the bike pump, apply the bike tube patch & use the bike pump again.


Use the paddles on the dinghy to go to the island.

Pick up the STONE & use on the door. Go through & click on the switch.


Take the FIRE EXSTINGUISHER & pick up the STONE again.


Look at the mural.


Stand on each of the four pressure pads & listen to the commentary each time. The idea is to stand on them in sequence to make a coherent sentence.


Click on the trolley & place it on the nearest pad first. Use the fire extinguisher & stone to depress two of the others & stand on the last one. The order is W E N S & you may have to wait a short time before anything happens (N.B Try to avoid breaking the sequence by walking over the wrong pad when placing items or you’ll have to start over.

Going outside & coming back in resets the puzzle if nothing happens as the game can be a little buggy here).


Go right into the next room.

Click on the shelves to get SLIDES. Use the magnifier on the slides & see the name of the spiritual mentor is Corleen Ortega.


Click on the computer & enter the username in a similar way to the one noted in the diary.

Read the diary to get a clue for the password (fire-breather).


Use your keyboard to type in the following pressing Enter after each command:

Username: c_ortega

Password: dragon


cd base


access recruiters.dbb


Scroll through the recruiters & recognise a couple of faces.


Click on the inflatable dinghy to leave the island. 

Go to the marina & talk to Burrard.

Go to the Dockside & talk to the thief.

Talk to Helliwell in her apartment. “We need leverage, a come-on & a get-out”.


Go back to the marina & Helliwell talks to Burrard with you prompting. It doesn’t matter what dialogue choices you make.........................


Get a phone-call from MacBride.......................



Hacking puzzle:


Image #9




Listen to the Backwoods Radio broadcast.


Click on the bus stop to get a MAP

The aim is to find RHC’s headquarters.


Talk to the ice fisherman. He mentions that every now & again he gets interference on his radio so there must be a signal coming from somewhere. He agrees to lend you his radio in return for finding his waterhook. Take the FISHING LINE.


Go forward to the village (or click on Old Kahona on the map).

Look at the machinery. It looks like some kind of aerial tramway for carrying ore down from the mine. (Burrard mentioned that the RHC headquarters were near a mine). 


Use the multi-tool knife on the door of the building. Enter & click on the switch.

Go left into the kitchen, pick up the KETTLE & use the multi-tool scissors on the HOOD of the jacket.

Click on the cabinet then the box to get BULBS BOX.....

Exit the building & go back & talk to the ice fisherman to get the RADIO.


Access the mine:

Go back to the dark room in the building & use the white frosted bulb from the bulbs box on the light bulb just below the skylight. Click on the switch by the door again to get power.

In the kitchen use the radio on the outlets. Click on the stove to turn it on then use the kettle on it.

Use the (hot) kettle on the frozen gears next door.


Click on the control panel. Use the other two light bulbs from inventory on the sockets to the left of the panel left according to the diagram i.e. the red light bulb on the top & green light bulb on the bottom. As there’s only one row that shows this arrangement on the diagram leave the setting at A & click on ‘Enter’. (You might have to click on ‘Enter’ more than once).  


Go outside. The radio battery seems to lose its charge in the cold. Go back to the kitchen to recharge it then in inventory combine it with the hood to get CHARGED RADIO IN HOOD.


Go outside & click on the ore bucket to go up the mountain.



Click on the bridge to the left path.

Use the railroad spike on the mine entrance to get BOARDS & use these on the bridge followed by the fishing line.


Triangulate the signal:

Go up the paths to each of the peaks & click on the radio in inventory.


As before, in each case you will see a line appear on the map which you need to drag & swivel until you get the strongest signal as indicated by the frequency bar at the bottom of the map. When done correctly you will automatically be at the new location that appears on the map.


Image #10


Hear a lot of static on the radio & a faint broadcast which gets louder as you go further right........ 


Escape the room:

Go to the right, click on the doorbell & then on the alcove to hide.

Use the fishing line on the pipes.

Use the charged radio in hood on the leftmost alcove.

Click on the doorbell & on then on the alcove again. Exit the room.


Look for MacBride:

Try rooms 1A & 1B & listen to the conversations.

In room 2A talk to the desperate cultist. While she’s practising her creed take the ID CARD.

Listen to the conversation in room 2B.

Use the ID card on the ID card reader by room 4B & go in.

Talk to Helliwell. Click on the bin to get a CRUMPLED-UP LETTER & note the clearance code.


Leave the room & enter the code (nfgrssw followed by the tick symbol) on the device by the elevator. Enter the elevator, then walk to the right & through the door to see a familiar-looking apparatus.

You have no choice but to sit in the chair.



Aim to relax so answer accordingly:

1st Truth: Ommm.... (Only if you have to repeat the truths)  

2nd Truth: Just try to breathe, Harper.

3rd Truth: Breathe in....Breath out.....

4th Truth: Toes....feet....legs....arms......

5th Truth: Home....Mom.......

See a vision of Cardero & listen carefully to the sentences you first heard in the cave but in a different order.


To put them in the right order take note of the numbers referred to:

The ape climbs to the apex (1)

The salamander eats its brother (2)

Take out & shoot the 3-legged mare (3)

The worker ant carries 4 times its weight (4)

The eagle! The eagle! The eagle! The eagle! The eagle! (5)


Cardero will repeat the sentences if you click on ‘Need time to think......’ otherwise match up the next set of answers with the sentences:

Man is a predator (1)

Blood is cold (2)

Weakness is death (3)

Obedience is strength (4)

Aquila rising (5)


Talk to the ‘Votary’.


Click on any dialogue choices in the next scene to make sense of the plot etc ..............


Hacking puzzle:


Image #11


As Helliwell, talk to McBride.

Talk to Devlin when he arrives. You need to prevent him taking more than one step forward.

So suggested dialogue choices are: “Stay back”.....”I got something better than a gun”......”I can destroy your virus with the flick of a switch”


While Devlin consults MacBride  (i.e. don’t wait until he’s finished talking), click on the computer & then on MacBride to get him to lock the door.


When you locate Harper use either dialogue choice. Go left, click on the door & continue going left to enter the elevator. Go further left...............................  Talk to MacBride..............................


Listen to the radio broadcast & watch the concluding scene............................



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