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Walkthrough for The Secrets of Jesus

The Secrets of Jesus


Amir Matouk


Walkthrough by chrissie July 2020


Main menu

This consists of New Game, Load, Options, Credits & Quit.

There’s also the option in the bottom left corner to choose between English & German language.


Game controls

Left - click: Interact

Right - click: Investigate/examine

Press the spacebar to reveal hotspots

N.B. Not all exits from a screen are marked with an arrow.


Move cursor to the top of the screen to access inventory

Click on the egg to the right to access the main menu.

There are a number of save slots which can be labelled.


About this walkthrough

I’ve split this into 2 parts.

Part 1 concentrates on exploration in order to identify the various locations, characters & items as well as accumulating some of the latter along the way.

Part 2 deals mainly with puzzle-solving to meet objectives as they arise.

To aid ‘navigation’ & avoid repeating directions I’ve included a diagram which marks the locations  - it’s not a map!      


The walkthrough does not include achievements or acknowledge the 17 crosses to be found as most will be acquired automatically during the course of the game. 


Important: There are many items/characters to look at/interact with & dialogue choices to make most of which are not specified in this walkthrough but may be necessary to progress & also to get the best out of the story.

A location, item or dialogue choice may not be available until another action has been performed.

This is just one order of gameplay.


Walkthrough Part 1

Present Day

Watch the intro.


Biblical Times

After learning that Jesus survived his crucifixion & managed to escape, see him emerge from a house in a small village. His aim is to leave there as soon as he can but he has something to accomplish first.



You (as Jesus) have Five denarius in inventory.


Go forward & enter the house directly ahead.

Talk to Mary Magdalene. The plan is to go to India but she won’t travel with you until she knows where her father Aram is.

There are 3 possibilities.

You’d also like to find John.


Pick up the Comb from the shelf. Leave the house.


Enter the nearest house on the left. Look at the wild lettuce - it’s used to relieve pain & as a cure for insomnia. Talk to the old man to learn that his name is Simeon. He won’t let you have the wild lettuce as he needs it while he’s still alive & won’t die until he’s met Jesus Christ.


Explore the outskirts of the village

From the village centre take the exit to the east. 

Click on the door to the right of the melon storage (MS) to find that it’s Rahab’s house (RH). Talk to her but she’s not helpful.

Continue east to the carpenter (C). Talking to him reveals that Felix has the largest front door in town.

Right-click to look at the left grilles to notice the Nail before taking it.

Go east again to the carriage driver (CD). He will be taking you to India. Pick up the Carrot.

Go east yet again to be on a cliff top (CT). From here go south to arrive back in the village centre.


Get past the hares

From the village go north to arrive in a wood (W). Go further west to another scene past the bees.

You’re afraid of the white hares. Use the carrot on yourself to eat it - it scares them away.

Pick up the Flintstone near the base of the tree on the left.

Go west to be at the town gate (TG)


From here go west to the Sea of Galilee (SoG). Take the Crab. Talk to the fisherman.


Explore the town

Go back to the town gate & go forward through it.

Talk to the Observer (O) leaning out of the window on the right.

He thinks Aram is with Rahab.


Enter the doorway on the left & talk to the Music trader (MT). When you ask about the price of the instruments the only one within your budget is the ney. Give the trader five denarius to get the Ney (to play at your wedding!). Leave the shop.


Enter the house ahead to see a dismal woman (DW). Talk to her to learn that her husband is an unsuccessful fisherman but needs him to bring her just one fish to help her ill father.


After leaving the house, go west & talk to the homeless man. He is very hungry. No-one offers him bread & water.

Interact with the left door ahead to note that it’s a luxurious house (LH).


The market

Going west from the luxurious house takes you by three groups of traders (T)

After talking to the egg seller help yourself to Cotton wool from the sleeping merchant.


Talk to the bread seller. She will give you Bread for free if you can pass a test by answering her questions.

N.B. Most of the info needed is not to be discovered within the game but easily found on the internet if you choose to break the 4th wall.


Otherwise the answers are:

1 - Who art in heaven, 2 - Mary, 3 - Judas , 4 - Peter, 5 - King of the Jews, 6 - My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?, 7 - A wise philosopher, 8 - Fourteen generations, 9 - Moses, 10 - You shall have no other gods before Me, 11 - His hair, 12 - Lilith, 13 - In the Epic of Gilgamesh, 14 - Horus, 15 - Jesus.


The lentil seller seems miserable and doesn’t want to sell you anything.

Further along you encounter the pigeon seller. Talk to John - he thinks Aram has been abducted by Barabbas.

Continue to the west to arrive back at the town gate


Explore the eastside of the town

Travel east to be by the town wall (TW).

Talk to Felix’s son. You’ve noticed that he’s yawning & learn he’s not getting enough sleep. Felix’s donkey is incapable of work at the moment but he also has a second borrowed donkey.

Pick up a Wooden staff.


Go south & enter the house of Jesus Barabbas (JB). Aram could be in the room on the left but Barabbas threatens you if you try to look.


Leave the house. Go west & talk to Felix in front of a large door so you know it’s his house (FH). He won’t tell you if Aram is in the house & won’t let you look. You try to get him to leave by telling him his son is in trouble but he wants proof.


Enter the house (CW) left of the Synagogue door (SD) to see a woman cooking. She will give you some soup if you get some lentils from her husband. Take the Lemon from the shelf.

Go through the small doorway on the left to enter a stable. Click on the straw.

Take the Ladder.

Notice that the donkey has insects flying around it. Use the comb on the donkey to get Lice.


After leaving the house continue west to the Ceramicist master (CM). After talking to him you can pick up a Bowl.


You’ve now come across all locations & characters available at this point.

Aram’s whereabouts are not known for sure but it is thought that he could be with either Rahab, Felix or Barabbas.


Walkthrough Part 2

Image #1


Find a way into Rahab’s house

Woods: Use the lemon on the beehive & take some Honey.

In inventory combine the ney and the nail to get a Broken ney.

Use this on the owl then pick up the Owl’s egg.


Market: Use the owl’s egg on the egg seller to get a Chicken egg.


Sea of Galilee: While you’re here talk to the fisherman first to discover that he’s not the dismal woman’s husband & is filling in for his brother.

In inventory combine the bread and the honey to get Crumb with honey. Use this on the Sea of Galilee.

While the man is busy take the Wine bottle.


Village: Use the flintstone on the raven & pick up the Feather.


Rahab’s house: Use the ladder on the melon store. Use the wine bottle on yourself (Jesus).

Interact with the ladder to automatically knock on the door & climb the ladder. Use the chicken egg on Rahab.

Enter the house..........Use the feather on the occupant if you wish.


Get Felix to leave his house part 1

To do this you need to provide proof that his son is in danger - possibly a shoe could help but Felix’s son needs to be distracted to take it. You’ve already noticed that he’s sleepy. 


Music trader: Ask him to recommend an instrument to lull a child to sleep. He’s not helpful.


Market: Talk to John & ask him the news twice. He tells you about a preacher practising in another town.

While you’re in the vicinity talk to the lentil seller but you don’t have proof his wife sent you. Use the lice on the Lentils for him to let you have a handful. 


Cooking woman’s house: Give her the lentils then use the bowl on her to get Lentil soup.

While you’re here go left into the stable & use the broken ney on the donkey. Pick up the Dung.


Travel to Ravid

Homeless man: Find him near the luxurious house & give him the lentil soup. You get to keep the Bowl.

Leave the area then return to find the homeless man gone. You can now interact with the door of the luxurious house to enter.

After talking to the rich man you are able to take the Stinky cheese.


Village: Enter John’s house & pick up the Money bag.


Carriage driver: You need to wake him up so use the wooden staff on the wheel. Take the Empty bottle from him then use this on the stone.

Give him the money bag & ask him to drive you. Choose Ravid.


Ravid: Talk to Apollonius. Choose to have your photo taken if you like.


Get Felix to leave his house part 2

Village: Go to Simeon’s house & tell him that you believe that you’ve found the Christ.

Exit the house then return to find Simeon gone. Take the Wild lettuce.


Music trader: Use the bowl on the water jug outside to get Water.


Cooking woman’s house: In inventory combine the wild lettuce with the water to get Wild lettuce in water.

Use this on the fire to brew some Wild lettuce tea.


Town wall: Give the wild lettuce tea to Felix’s son. Take his Shoes. In inventory combine them with the stinky cheese to get Stinky shoes.


Felix’s house: Use the stinky shoes on Felix. Enter his house.........


Get Barabbas to leave his house part 1

Market: Talk to John & ask him if he has heard anything recently. He tells you about Judas Iscariot.


Carriage driver: Ask him to drive you to the Beit Keshet forest.


Beit Keshet: Pick up the Money bag. Return to the village.


Market: Use the money bag on the pigeon seller to buy a Carrier pigeon.


Observer:  Ask Felix’s partner (opposite the music trader) if he has any interesting news to report. He tells you about the 3 magi. They have gifts for Jesus but they need proof that it is him due to impersonators.


Perform a miracle

Music trader: Use the cotton wool on the water jug outside to get Wet cotton wool.


Felix’s house: Use the wet cotton wool on the wine to get Wine-soaked cotton wool.


Cooking woman’s house: Use the wine-soaked cotton wool on the fire to get Fire in inventory.


Carriage driver: Ask him to take you to Majdal Shams.


Majdal Shams: Talk to the magus. Use the fire on the magus. Pick up the bag of presents to get Myrrh &

Vellum. Return to the village.


Get Barabbas to leave his house part 2

Woods: Take some more Honey.


Dismal woman’s house: Give her the myrrh & take the Papyrus.


Barabbas’ house: In inventory combine the feather with the dung to make a Quill. Use this on the papyrus to get Papyrus with writing then combine this with the honey to get Sticky sheet of papyrus.

Use the sticky sheet of papyrus on the door of Barabbas’ house.


Clifftop: In inventory combine the quill with the vellum to get Vellum with writing. Use this with the carrier pigeon to get Carrier pigeon with message.

Use the carrier pigeon with message on the temple to release it.


Woods: Take the Goose.


Barrabbas’ house: Use the goose on the Praetorian guard.

Enter the house. Take the Knife & use it on the scythes to get a Sharp knife.

Go into the room on the left........Pick up the Precious headdress.


Look for Aram

Village: Go to Mary’s house to tell her about her father. If you ask about the washing she will tell you about the piece she can’t get clean.

Ask her to come close.


Cooking woman’s house: Talk to her about Aram but she denies knowing him.


Market: Tell John about Aram’s garment & the cooking woman’s denial. He tells you more about Judas Iscariot.


Carriage driver: Ask him to take you to Beit Keshet forest.


Beit Keshet forest: Use the sharp knife on the Rope. Look at the spot on Judas’ robe & then use the sharp knife on it to get Soup stain.


Cooking woman’s house: Use the soup stain on the woman. Go left into the stable & click on the straw.


Cliff top: Talk to Aram. Look at the abyss.


Get proof that Aram is well

Ceramicist master: Ask him to make you a large fishing hook. Leave the area then return.

Take the Ceramic hook from the right wall.


Cliff top: In inventory combine the ceramic hook with the rope to get Rope with hook. Use this on the abyss to get Aram’s garment.


Village: In Mary’s house show her Aram’s garment.


Make arrangements to leave

Carriage driver: Ask him to drive you to India.

In inventory use the crab on the precious headdress to get Gold & give this to the carriage driver. You need to replace the wheel you lost earlier.


Carpenter: Ask him to make a wheel for the carriage. Leave the area then return to get the new wheel but it’s not what you asked for. Talk to the carpenter - it was the wrong wood but he can’t make another until tomorrow.


Village: In Mary’s house look at each of the make-up palettes on the shelf to see what colour each of them contain. Use Aram’s garment on the left one which contains brown to get Besmeared garment.


Carpenter: Use the besmeared garment on the Wheel which you can now take.


Carriage driver: Give the wheel to the carriage driver. Ask him to take you to India.


Biblical Times

Watch the scene of John by the Sea of Galilee.


Present Day

See the conclusion to the intro



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