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Walkthrough - Hugo 2: Whodunit?


                              FAQ/Walkthrough for
                               HUGO 2: WHODUNIT?



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  19th June, 2008
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Point List
5. Copyright information


1.1:  19th June, 2008      (Format update)
1.0:  22nd February, 2004  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


In the second game of the Hugo trilogy, Hugo and his girlfriend Penelope travel
to Europe to stay in the cottage of Hugo's Uncle Horace. As they make their way
upstairs to the bedroom, Penelope goes to sleep and wakes up to find that Hugo
has disappeared. She hears a noise outside and looks through the keyhole to see
Hugo's Uncle getting stabbed by a mysterious person. And so it's up to her to
piece together the puzzle of the murder, and to find which of the many strange
occupants of the house murdered Uncle Horace.

Hugo 2 is a much longer and far more difficult adventure game than the original
title. Much of the game play is based in the huge cottage, though other areas
include a stroll through a giant hedge maze, a journey through dangerous fields
filled with snakes and bees, as well as travelling to a mysterious planet in a
phone booth. Overall, this is a very enjoyable addition to the series which has
the same fun and interesting atmosphere as the original.


2.                                Walkthrough



The game starts in the entrance hall of the cottage. Walk up the steps and move
to the door at the right side of the second floor. OPEN DOOR to enter the
bedroom. Penelope will walk toward the bed and go to sleep, leaving Hugo to
explore the bedroom. Walk to the yellow book in the bookcase and GET BOOK to
open a secret passage. Hugo will go through, leaving Penelope alone in the
bedroom. When she wakes up, walk over to the door and LOOK THROUGH KEYHOLE to
see Uncle Horace arguing with someone, which ends with him getting stabbed.

Penelope will faint at this point. When she recovers, walk to the yellow book
on the bookcase and GET BOOK to go through the secret passage that was
discovered by Hugo earlier. TALK BIRD. USE PHONE. OPEN DRAWER. GET MATCHES that
fall out of the drawer. Walk to the dumb waiter and GET IN DUMB WAITER to ride
down to the first floor of the cottage. OPEN CUPBOARD. GET GARLIC from the
cupboard. Walk north through the doorway to exit the cottage.


Walk east to arrive in an area with some venus fly traps and a magnifying
glass. Save the game at this point, as moving successfully through the venus
fly traps can be incredibly difficult. Start by tapping the down arrow key
twice to move very slightly south. Now walk east until you pass the bottom-left
fly trap, then walk south to stop at the border of the flowers. Walk east past
the next two fly traps above, then walk north through the gap and west to the
magnifying glass. GET MAGNIFIER. Move back out of the venus fly trap maze the
same way you came and continue west to the area outside the cottage.

Walk south and east twice to see a bridge leading over a stream, with catnip
plants growing at the side of the path. GET CATNIP and then walk close to the
left side of the bridge. DROP MATCHES to drop them on the path. If you attempt
to cross the bridge while holding the matches, it's very likely that they will
drop into the stream and be useless for the rest of the game. We will need to
cross this bridge later with the matches, but for now just leave them at the
left side of the bridge. Walk east on the other side of the bridge to see some
ferocious bees. When the bees start flying toward Penelope and the warning
message appears, quickly walk west back to the previous area. Walk over the
bridge and GET MATCHES. Walk west twice and enter the shed.


After the gardener puts his pliers away, EAT GARLIC and he will run out of the
shed. Walk up to the panel and PUSH GREEN BUTTON to turn on the bug zapper in
the area with the bees. PUSH BLUE BUTTON to open the gates to the hedge maze.
Exit the shed. Walk east and north to enter the hedge maze.


Follow these directions through the maze: North. East. East. North. North.
West. West. South. West. North. North. GET GUN. North. West. North. North.
East. South. East. South. East. North. North. East. East. East. South. GET
BELL. North. West. West. West. South. South. East. East. South. West. West.
West. GET BOTTLE. East. East. East. North. West. West. West. North. West.
North. West. South. South. East. South. South. South. East. North. East. East.
South. South. West. West. South. South to exit the maze.


After leaving the maze, walk east to the area with the bridge. Now we do have
to cross the bridge holding the matches, so make sure to save the game before
attempting this. Start by walking across the lowest part of the bridge. As soon
as Penelope puts a foot down, tap the up and then right arrow keys to make her
move to the next section. Now just walk carefully over the top of the bridge
until Penelope gets near the right side. Tap the down arrow key, followed by
the right arrow key to make it across. Continue east to the bee area.

The bees will now be attracted to the bug zapper as it was turned on by using
the green button in the gardener's shed. Walk east to the next area and wait
for Penelope to hit the man from the first Hugo game. Continue east to the next
area to find a snake which slithers its way toward Penelope. After it bites
her, DRINK BOTTLE to cure the snake bite. Walk along the top-right path to
arrive in an area with a big dog. GET STICK. THROW STICK to make the dog leave
his dog house. LOOK IN DOG HOUSE. GET DYNAMITE. Walk west. After returning to
the area with the snake, walk along the bottom-right path. Walk into the phone
booth and Penelope will call the police. She explains the situation and officer
Higgins will agree to meet her in the cottage living room at 6PM. DIAL. Enter
"1-800-333-HUGO" to transport to the planet Retupmoc.


Quickly SHOOT GUN to destroy the dalek. Walk back into the phone booth. Walk
through the gate and then go west to return to the area with the snake.


Walk west and south. CLIMB DOWN ROPE to the bottom of the well.


Walk over to the blocked passage at the right side of the cavern and DROP
DYNAMITE. LIGHT DYNAMITE. Quickly walk left over to the rope and CLIMB ROPE to
climb out of the well before the explosion. CLIMB DOWN ROPE to return to the
bottom of the well. Go through the newly opened passage to arrive in an area
with three tunnels. Walk through the left tunnel and GET LAMP. Walk east to the
previous area and go through the middle tunnel to see a chasm.

Walk down to the rocks at the bottom of the area and then walk right toward the
chasm. Stop before reaching the chasm, tap down and then left to walk onto a
hidden ledge. Now walk right over to the other side of the chasm and GET
BANANA. Walk back over the hidden ledge and go west to return to the area with
the three tunnels. Go through the right tunnel and continue east to the area
with the ladder. RUB LAMP and a genie will appear. GIVE BANANA TO GENIE. Climb
up the ladder to enter the store room of the cottage. LOOK IN MOUSE HOLE. OPEN


Walk through the top doorway to find the maid in the parlour. Walk through the
right doorway to find the cat. RUB CATNIP ON BELL. GIVE BELL TO CAT. Quickly
walk west out of the room to return to the parlor and wait for the cat to ring
the bell. When the maid exits the parlor, OPEN CUPBOARD to get the photo album.
Walk east to the room with the cat and GET BELL. Walk west twice to enter the
kitchen, where the cook is holding a bloody knife. Her explanation for this is
that she has just been preparing dinner for tonight.

Walk back through the door on the right, south to the hall and then west to the
section of the hall with the mirror. OPEN DOOR at the left side of the mirror
to meet Aunt Hester. Walk over to the table and say YES when Aunt Hester asks
if Penelope would like some wine. READ LETTER on the table. Exit the room. OPEN
DOOR at the right side of the mirror to enter Harry's room. TALK HARRY and he
will laugh when told about Uncle Horace's murder. Exit the room and walk south
to see officer Higgins walking into the living room. Enter the living room to
find that all of the suspects have gathered there. When asked whodunit, say
NOBODY. The game now returns to Hugo. GET PAPER. READ PAPER. GET PENCIL. SLIDE


3.                                 Item List


  After the cat has rung the bell in the room at the side of the parlor, the
  album is found in the cupboard in the parlor. It is not used.

  Found after crossing the chasm in the cavern under the well. It is given to
  the genie in the area of the cavern with the ladder.

  Found in the hedge maze. After the bell has been rubbed with catnip, it is
  given to the cat in the room at the side of the parlor.

  Found in the hedge maze. It is drunk after Penelope is bitten by the snake.

  Found in the area with the bridge leading over the stream. It is rubbed on
  the bell to make the cat more interested in the bell.

  Found in the dog house after the stick is thrown. It is dropped near the
  blocked passage at the bottom of the well.

  Found in the hedge maze. It is used on the dalek on the planet Retupmoc.

  Found in the cavern under the well. It is rubbed in the area of the cavern
  with the ladder to make the genie appear.

  Found in the area with the venus fly traps. It is used to read the will.

  Found by opening the cupboard in the study. They are used on the dynamite
  after it has been dropped near the blocked passage at the bottom of the well.

  Found in the room with Hugo near the end of the game. It is read with the
  magnifying glass, and is also slid under the door.

  Found in the room with Hugo near the end of the game. It is pushed through
  the keyhole after the paper has been slid under the door.

  Doctor Who will give the screwdriver to Penelope after she has shot the dalek
  on the planet Reptumoc. It is used to open the safe in the store room.

  Found in the area with the dog house. It is thrown to make the dog leave his
  dog house.

  Found by opening the safe in the store room. It is not used.


4.                                 Point List


3      3     Get the yellow book in the bedroom as Hugo.
8      5     Look through the keyhole as Penelope.
11     3     Get the yellow book in the bedroom.
12     1     Talk to the bird in the study.
17     5     Use the phone in the study.
22     5     Get the matches after opening the drawer.
32     10    Get in the dumb waiter in the study.
37     5     Get the garlic from the cupboard in the kitchen.

52     15    Get the magnifier from the field with the venus fly traps.
57     5     Get the catnip in the area with the bridge.
52     -5    Drop the matches on the left side of the bridge.
57     5     Get the matches after returning from the field.

72     15    Eat the garlic in the gardener's shed.
82     10    Push the green button to turn on the bug zapper.
92     10    Push the blue button to open the hedge maze gate.

             HEDGE MAZE
102    10    Get the gun.
107    5     Get the bell.
122    15    Get the bottle.

127    5     Meet the old man in the area east of the bees.
142    15    Drink the bottle of serum after being bitten by the snake.
147    5     Get the stick from the area with the dog house.
152    5     Throw the stick for the dog.
157    5     Walk into the phone booth to call the police.
172    15    Dial "1-800-333-hugo" to transport to the planet Retupmoc.

182    10    Shoot the gun to destroy the dalek.
197    15    Get the screwdriver from Doctor Who.

202    5     Climb down the rope in the well.

222    20    Light the dynamite near the blocked passage.
232    10    Get the lamp from the left tunnel in the cavern.
237    5     Get the banana from the chasm in the middle tunnel.
246    9     Rub the lamp in the area with the ladder.
253    7     Give the banana to the genie.

254    1     Look in the mousehole in the store room.
266    12    Open the safe with the screwdriver in the store room.
271    5     Get the will from the safe.
279    8     Read the will.
284    5     Walk through the door to meet the cook in the kitchen.
289    5     Give the bell to the cat.
294    5     Get the photo album from the cupboard.
299    5     Get the bell from the room with the cat.
314    15    Read the letter on the table in Aunt Hester's room.
319    5     Talk to Harry in the organ room.
320    1     Answer "nobody" when asked whodunit?
325    5     Get the paper in Hugo's room.
326    1     Read the paper.
331    5     Get the pencil.
338    7     Slide the paper under the door.
350    12    Push the pencil through the keyhole.


5.                           Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2004-2008 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
of the sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the
GAME INFO Hugo II: Whodunit? is an adventure game by Gray Design Associates released in 1991 for PC. It has a Stylized art style, presented in 2D or 2.5D and is played in a Third-Person perspective. You can download Hugo II: Whodunit? from: We get a small commission from any game you buy through these links.


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