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Best rated Adventure Games page 6

Below you'll find an overview of Adventure Games that have received a very high rating based on our reviews, the list is sorted based on highest rated Adventure Game first combined with recency of the review we've done. Be sure to also check-out our Top 100 Adventure Games of all time, as well as the winners of the Adventure Game Awards (Aggies) that we hold on a yearly cadence.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations  (2007)

A climactic end to the Phoenix Wright story, Trials and Tribulations is the high point of the series, wrapping together great storylines, dialogue and characters into one portable package. Buy it now before I make use of Franziska's whip.

Sam & Max: Episode 5 - Reality 2.0  (2007)

Extremely close to a five-star game--it's remarkable that Telltale can still, at this point in the series, reinvent the entire concept and create such an original and delightful adventure experience. The best episode yet; I would say that there's no way they'll do it again next month...but I already said that last month.

Sam & Max: Season One  (2007)

The long-awaited and largely enjoyable series revival of Sam & Max gets a solid port on Nintendo Wii, though not without a few minor issues.

Sam & Max: Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die!  (2007)

Here is the Sam & Max episode you've been waiting for. Absolute, complete fun, and an effort that Telltale should be very proud of. Which makes it even more interesting to see if they'll be able to pull this off again in one month.

Sam & Max: Season One  (2007)

The long-awaited and largely enjoyable series revival of Sam & Max gets a solid port on Nintendo Wii, though not without a few minor issues.

Blade Runner  (1999)

A magnificent title. One that stands in the top echelon of adventure titles despite a few design-based flaws.

Samorost 2  (2005)

A fantastic follow up to the original that is enchanting every step of the way.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney  (2005)

Phoenix Wright takes the best of classic adventures, wraps it up in an engaging package and delivers one great game. With its charming gameplay, excellent use of the Nintendo DS features, truly funny dialogue, intricate plot, and personable cast of characters, this "soon to be a classic" title offers plenty of gaming enjoyment.

Another Code  (2005)

One of the best adventure games currently available.

Still Life  (2005)

Still Life tells a story that is a masterful blend of challenge, characters and story. It is a definite game of the year candidate, and will likely earn a spot on many gamers' list of favorites. Highly recommended to fans of content-driven adventures.

Zork: Grand Inquisitor  (1997)

Stop reading this and go play Zork Grand Inquisitor. Now. One of the all-time greats in the adventure genre.

Bad Mojo Redux  (2004)

Bad Mojo Redux revives a true classic, and optimizes it for performance. An absolute must-play for any adventure fan with even a passing tolerance of insects. If you can't beat 'em... join 'em!

Myst IV: Revelation  (2004)

A fateful return of a venerable series proves it still has legs even 10 odd years on.

Syberia II  (2004)

If you loved the first one or thought that it would be excellent if only the puzzles were more challenging, this is a game you will not want to be without.

Sam & Max Hit the Road  (1993)

It's a must for adventure games; the humor still keeps surprising me. Highest recommendation.

Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within  (1995)

A wonderful follow-up to Sins of the Fathers. One of the few computer games to actually involve personal, meaningful growth in a player-character. Easily one of the best Full Motion Video games ever made.

The Neverhood  (1996)

A classic for good reason. A must-play for any serious adventure gamer, or any kid-at-heart.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis  (1992)

Fate of Atlantis is a true classic, worthy of every adventure gamer’s collection. The epic plot is involving and suspenseful, putting you in the shoes of the world's most famous archaeologist as he single-handedly wards off the forces of evil.

Runaway: A Road Adventure  (2003)

There's no way around it: Runaway is an instant classic, and an absolute must-own for all adventure game fans.

The Last Express  (1997)

With a long playing time, and loads of intrigue, this game is a sure bet for history buffs and casual fans.

Myst III: Exile  (0)

An extremely succesful and balanced adventure, and a worthy sequel in a venerable franchise.

1893: A World’s Fair Mystery  (2002)

Chances like this, to really experience something as exciting as the 1893 World's Fair, are rare. Don't pass this up if you have the attention span.

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