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Obduction  2016

A new adventure from the creators of Myst.

PC Mac HTC Vive Oculus Rift

Samorost 3  2016

Amanita Design's influential classic series continues.

PC Mac Android iOS iPhone iPad

The Witness (Jonathan Blow’s)  2016

An "exploration puzzle game" set on an uninhabited island, designed by the creator of Braid


Bulb Boy  2015

PC Mac iOS iPhone iPad

SOMA  2015

A new adventure from the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent

PC Mac Linux PS PS4

Broken Age  2015

A publicly-funded point-and-click adventure by Double Fine under the supervision of Tim Schafer.

PC Mac Linux Android iOS iPad PS PS Vita PS4 OUYA

Hadean Lands  2014

PC Mac Linux iOS iPhone iPad

realMyst  2000

PC Mac Android iPhone iPad
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