The Cave

Developer Release Year Platforms
Android, iPad, PC, PlayStation 3, WiiU, Xbox 360

A team of three unlikely adventurers—each with their own unique personalities and stories—stumble across a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready to launch nuclear-tipped ICBM. The Cave is waiting.


The Cave review

Exploring the murky depths of Ron Gilbert's offbeat adventure unearths a host of puzzles, easily-spelunked platforms, and satirical black comedy.

PC WiiU PS3 Xbox 360

Exploring The Cave with Double Fine’s JP LeBreton and Chris Remo interview

Braving the depths of Ron Gilbert's new side-scrolling adventure, we had lots of help in finding our way.

Read interview Jan 4, 2013

The Cave archived preview

Some early spelunking in this unique new adventure let us probe the deep, dark recesses of Ron Gilbert's mind.



The Cave launch trailer

PC WiiU PS3 Xbox 360
Jan 23, 2013

The Cave character trailer #1

Nov 30, 2012

The Cave announcement trailer

May 24, 2012

Game Information
Platform Android, iPad, PC, PlayStation 3, WiiU, Xbox 360
Perspective Third-Person
Control Click-and-drag (mouse), Gamepad, Keyboard
Gameplay Hybrid - Action, Puzzle
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Theme Treasure Hunt
Graphic Style Stylized art
Presentation Realtime 3D
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media Internet download

Digital January 23 2013 SEGA

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The Cave

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