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Adventure game interviews for PC page 5

We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games for PC .

Tex Murphy: Project Fedora Article

Tex Murphy Dons Fedora Once Again interview

With a brand new Tex Murphy adventure now a distinct possibility, we grabbed Chris Jones and Aaron Conners to find out what they've been keeping under their hats.

Read interview May 25, 2012
Jane Jensen Pinkerton Road Article

Jane Jensen: Back Home on Pinkerton Road interview

We went farming for some insight from the master storyteller herself, and harvested a cornucopia of answers, anecdotes, and never-before-seen materials past and present.

Read interview May 5, 2012
Journey Down hands-on Article

The Journey Down - Theo Waern interview

An early preview showed everything's looking up for this delightful African-tinged adventure, and we unmasked the game's creator for a behind-the-scenes interview.

Read interview May 3, 2012
Hector: Badge of Carnage interview Article

Hector: Badge of Carnage - Dean Burke interview

We nabbed Hector's writer/director for a few questions when he came up for air from the squalid environs of Clappers Wreake.

Read interview Sep 28, 2011
Blackwell Deception Article

The Blackwell Deception - Dave Gilbert interview

With the fourth installment nearly upon us, we got all tied up in an early preview version and interview with the game's designer, Dave Gilbert.

Read interview Sep 14, 2011
Alpha Polaris Article

Alpha Polaris - Teemu Vilén interview

With this psychological horror shooting for a June release, we grabbed an early look and a chat with the game's lead designer.

Read interview May 30, 2011
J.U.L.I.A. Article

Jan Kavan – J.U.L.I.A. interview

A hands-on preview let us probe deeply into this impressive sci-fi indie, then venture a little farther with game's designer, Jan Kavan.

Read interview May 8, 2011
Telltale Games - Dave Grossman and Dave Felton Article

Telltale Games - Dave Grossman and Dave Felton interview

Former LucasArts designers making King's Quest? Hector flashing his... badge on PC? We nabbed Telltale to help make sense of it all.

Read interview Mar 14, 2011
Matt Clark Article

Bracken Tor - Matt Clark interview

With his second supernatural mystery fast approaching, we fought tooth and claw for a chance to sit down with the man behind the moor.

Read interview Nov 3, 2010
Kaptain Brawe interview Article

Cateia Games – Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World interview

Warping fast towards release, the comic sci-fi adventure slowed just enough for a sneak peek and an interview with its creators.

Read interview Sep 27, 2010
Casebook Special Edition Article

Casebook Trilogy: Special Edition - Sam Clarkson interview

The book is reopened on this intriguing FMV mystery series today, and AG is on the case with Areo's Creative Director.

Read interview Jun 24, 2010
Darkness Within 2 Article

Zoetrope Interactive - Darkness Within 2 interview

With the dark horror sequel just around the corner, we shone our spotlight behind the scenes on Zoetrope's Onur Samli (no, not pictured).

Read interview May 10, 2010
Time Gentlemen, Please! Article

Dan Marshall - Zombie Cow Studios interview

Unholy cow! Adventure Gamers caught up with half of the Ben and Dan duo to discuss the studio's rise to cult prominence.

Read interview Jan 27, 2010
Erin Robinson - Puzzle Bots Article

Erin Robinson - Puzzle Bots interview

With Puzzle Bots methodically nearing release, AG went behind the scenes with its acclaimed indie designer to find out how she's wired.

Read interview Nov 23, 2009
Jane Jensen Article

Jane Jensen video interview interview

AG caught up with the adventure design legend at the Gray Matter recording studio, and did some video recording ourselves.

Read interview Oct 16, 2009

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