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Adventure game game announcements for Mac page 24

Showing the latest articles for Mac sorted by date published on Adventure Gamers. You can also view our complete list of top reviewed adventure games, search through or browse our Games Database (A-Z).

Game of Thrones: Episode One - Iron from Ice review Article

Game of Thrones review

The House Forrester saga comes to a head in the dramatic season finale, though a key story branch gets lost in the woods.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Dec 9, 2015
Bulb Boy review Article

Bulb Boy review

This short and charmingly surreal horror game is a glowing example of traditional adventure elements mixed with nail-biting physics-based challenges.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Dec 7, 2015
Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause review Article

Jerry McPartlin: Rebel with a Cause review

Though we dig the setting, this slice of 1950s Americana is dragged down by its simplistic gameplay and uninspired production values.

Review score - 2 Read the review » Dec 2, 2015
Read Only Memories review Article

2064: Read Only Memories review

This LGBTQ-friendly cyberpunk story is a hybrid of compelling visual novel and underwhelming retro adventure.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Nov 23, 2015
Life Is Strange: Episode Five - Polarized review Article

Life Is Strange review

The series concludes with a whirlwind of emotion, capping a flawed but intensely personal paranormal teen drama.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Nov 20, 2015
Dropsy review Article

Dropsy review

There’s nothing else like it, but excessive bloating makes it hard to love this feel-good clown adventure unconditionally.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Nov 16, 2015
else Heart.Break() review Article

else Heart.Break() review

If you can deprogram yourself from usual genre expectations, then this unique techno-adventure may just be for you.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Nov 9, 2015
The Black Watchmen review Article

The Black Watchmen review

The truth is right here: there are puzzles and paranormal phenomena aplenty in this substantial alternate reality game.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Nov 4, 2015
AR-K: Episode 3 - The Great Escape review Article

AR-K: Episode 3 - The Great Escape review

The punultimate episode breaks free of its predecessors' problems with significant improvement in all the right ways.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Nov 2, 2015
Harvester review Article

Harvester flashback review

Gory, bizarre, and ambitious for its time, this 1996 thriller sows more than it reaps from its compelling but uneven design.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Oct 30, 2015
Nevermind review Article

Nevermind review

This surreal psychological thriller will certainly get your heart racing, but its frighteningly abbreviated story is hard to get any read on.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Oct 21, 2015
SOMA review Article

SOMA review

Delving deep into complex ethical issues at the bottom of the ocean, the creators of Amnesia have brilliantly fused sci-fi and horror together in one.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Oct 19, 2015
Armikrog review Article

Armikrog. review

This otherwise finely-crafted stop motion adventure in the mold of The Neverhood is held back by rough gameplay mechanics that give it feet of clay.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 16, 2015
Beyond Eyes review Article

Beyond Eyes review

This lovely watercolour journey demonstrates how beauty can still be in the eye of the beholder even when the beholder is blind.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Oct 7, 2015
Fran Bow review Article

Fran Bow review

Cleverly seasoned with a blend of dark themes with childlike innocence, this surreal indie adventure finds the recipe for success.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Oct 5, 2015

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