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Adventure game interviews page 8

We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games .

Wallace & Gromit Article

Telltale Games - Wallace & Gromit interview

With the series launch just around the corner, it was time to get cracking with a hands-on preview and developer interview.

Read interview Mar 10, 2009
Legend of Crystal Valley Article

Cateia Games - The Legend of Crystal Valley interview

The promise for this upcoming fantasy adventure becomes crystal clear with a playable demo and development team interview.

Read interview Mar 5, 2009
Dave Gilbert Article

Dave Gilbert - Wadjet Eye Games interview

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, as the indie developer shares his insights into Emerald City Confidential and beyond.

Read interview Feb 12, 2009
Brothers Chaps Article

Strong Bad’s the Brothers Chaps interview

A peek beneath the Strong Bad mask reveals the cool, attractive series creators Mike and Matt Chapman.

Read interview Dec 12, 2008
So Blonde Article

Steve Ince and Wizarbox’s Jerome Britneff-Bondy interview

As So Blonde begins to spread its roots, we discuss the highlights with the game's lead writer and designer.

Read interview Nov 10, 2008
Noal Bruton (Rhiannon) Article

Noel Bruton - Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches interview

Arberth Studios' co-founder takes us beyond the Mabinogion for a glimpse of the haunting Welsh-based adventure.

Read interview Aug 18, 2008
Perry Rhodan Article

Axel Ruske and Igor Posavec - Perry Rhodan interview

The final countdown to Perry Rhodan's first PC adventure has begun, and we go behind the scenes with BrainGame and 3d-io to discuss it.

Read interview Jun 27, 2008

Jane Jensen interview

As we wait a while longer for her next adventure, we probed the highly acclaimed writer's own gray matter for her thoughts on a long and storied career.

Read interview May 26, 2008

Joel DeYoung and Ron Gilbert interview

Joel deYoung and Ron Gilbert of Hothead Games talk about their work on Penny Arcade Adventures and the Monkey Island creator's new episodic game series.

Read interview Mar 20, 2008

Martin Ganteföhr - House of Tales interview

As the countdown to Overclocked begins in earnest, AG dares to probe the inner psyche of HoT's Creative Director.

Read interview Feb 21, 2008

Vince Twelve - Resonance interview

The innovative indie developer looks to make a name for himself with his first commercial adventure, even if that name isn't really his own.

Read interview Feb 5, 2008

Mike Levine & Larry Ahern interview

Two former LucasArts artists, one of whom co-designed The Curse of Monkey Island, talk about their new project -- and their past work.

Read interview Jan 17, 2008

High Resolution: A Genre’s New Year interview

With the turn of the calendar, the adventure genre itself should commit to these ten resolutions for improvement.

Read interview Jan 3, 2008

Bill Tiller - A Vampyre Story interview

Insight and incisors abound, as the acclaimed LucasArts veteran tells us why his hot new vampire adventure won't suck.

Read interview Oct 5, 2007

Hal Barwood - Mata Hari interview

The walls have ears, and now everyone can eavesdrop as Hal Barwood talks up his new espionage thriller.

Read interview Sep 14, 2007

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