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We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games .

Ernest Adams interview

Well-known columnist and book author Ernest Adams' thoughts on the adventure genre.

Read interview Dec 30, 2003

Davorin Horak (Razbor) interview

One of the lead designers of Legacy: Dark Shadows shares some inside info on this promising adventure.

Read interview Nov 13, 2003

Terry Dowling interview

The writer of Schizm and the upcoming Chameleon shares his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Read interview Oct 8, 2003

Joe Pearce interview

We talk with one of the designers of Inherit the Earth--and the man responsible for its re-release!

Read interview Oct 1, 2003

Benoît Sokal interview

Read interview Apr 29, 2003

Dave Grossman interview

Read interview Feb 18, 2003

Chris Bateman on Discworld Noir interview

Read interview Feb 7, 2003

Myst III behind-the-scenes interview

Read interview Feb 5, 2003

Mark Crowe interview

Read interview Dec 18, 2002

Charles Cecil on Broken Sword 3 interview

Read interview Nov 8, 2002

Tony Tough interview

Read interview Oct 21, 2002

Stephen Carrière on Ring II interview

Adventure Gamers speaks with Stephen Carrière of Arxel Tribe.

Read interview Sep 4, 2002

Hal Barwood interview

A Q&A with veteran LucasArts game designer Hal Barwood.

Read interview Jul 23, 2002

Handheld Adventures interview

An interview with Infinite Ventures, a company producing adventures for Pocket PC and Game Boy Color.

Read interview Jun 11, 2002

Dark Fall interview

Evan Dickens interviews Jonathan Boakes, chief of XXv Productions and creator of the promising new first-person adventure Dark Fall.

Read interview Jun 4, 2002

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