Mark Crowe interview

Read interview Dec 18, 2002

Charles Cecil on Broken Sword 3 interview

Read interview Nov 8, 2002

Tony Tough interview

Read interview Oct 21, 2002

Stephen Carrière on Ring II interview

Adventure Gamers speaks with Stephen Carrière of Arxel Tribe.

Read interview Sep 4, 2002

Hal Barwood interview

A Q&A with veteran LucasArts game designer Hal Barwood.

Read interview Jul 23, 2002

Handheld Adventures interview

An interview with Infinite Ventures, a company producing adventures for Pocket PC and Game Boy Color.

Read interview Jun 11, 2002

Dark Fall interview

Evan Dickens interviews Jonathan Boakes, chief of XXv Productions and creator of the promising new first-person adventure Dark Fall.

Read interview Jun 4, 2002

Rick Gush, designer of the Kyrandia games interview

Evan Dickens sits down for an interview with Kyrandia designer Rick Gush for his thoughts on adventure gaming.

Read interview May 20, 2002

Marshall Zwicker and Richard Wah Kan of Dreamcatcher interview

Read interview May 20, 2002

Corey Cole interview

We look back at Quest for Glory with Corey Cole, one half of the brilliant husband-wife team that designed the classic adventure series.

Read interview May 20, 2002

Adam D. Bormann interview

Read interview May 20, 2002

Sean Clark & Mike Stemmle interview

Read interview Nov 6, 2000

Jeff Tobler – Riddle of the Sphinx interview

With his archeological Egyptian adventure nearing completion, we dug deeper with the game's creator to learn more.

Read interview Apr 12, 2000

Tony Warriner interview

Read interview Sep 19, 1999

Ragnar Tornquist interview

Read interview Sep 13, 1999

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