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Adventure game interviews page 9

We talk with the minds behind the scenes, exploring the people, teams and companies behind the adventure games .

A New Beginning - Daedalic Entertainment interview

"Project Climate Change" finds a name, and Daedalic takes us behind the scenes of its upcoming eco-thriller.

Read interview Aug 13, 2007

Deck13 - Jan Klose interview

Deck13's Creative Director finds a few breathless moments to talk about a whirlwind year and what's in store.

Read interview Jun 19, 2007

Insecticide - Mike Levine interview

A new team of LucasArts veterans has announced Insecticide, a noir detective thriller set in a world full of bugs. Read our world exclusive interview!

Read interview Feb 12, 2007

Frogwares - Waël Amr interview

What's new at Frogwares? Elementary, my dear readers! The latest Sherlock Holmes adventure, plus some intriguing new developments still to come.

Read interview Jan 13, 2007

Wadjet Eye - Dave Gilbert interview

The acclaimed indie developer reflects on his move to commercial projects from the freeware Underground community.

Read interview Dec 2, 2006

Kheops Studio - Benoît Hozjan interview

Often seen but rarely heard, AG goes behind the scenes with the most prolific current adventure game developer.

Read interview Nov 14, 2006

Secret Files: Tunguska - Jörg Beilschmidt interview

With this hot new adventure blazing trails through the genre, the game's lead designer shares his thoughts.

Read interview Nov 2, 2006

White Birds - Michel Bams and Olivier Fontenay interview

AG goes behind the scenes for the latest on Aquarica, Sinking Island, and a reflection on Paradise.

Read interview Jul 3, 2006

Charles Cecil interview

With two key projects in the works, Revolution's Charles Cecil squeezes in a few moments to share his thoughts with AG.

Read interview Apr 27, 2006

Bone creator Jeff Smith interview

Bone Week wraps up by returning us to where it all began, as AG chats with series creator Jeff Smith.

Read interview Apr 14, 2006

Amanita Design - Jakub Dvorsky interview

AG goes behind the scenes with the creator of Samorost, the little Flash game whose success has mushroomed beyond all expectation.

Read interview Dec 17, 2005

Ankh - Jan Klose interview

Deck 13 is making ancient Egypt popular again, and Laura sits down with Ankh's project leader.

Read interview Nov 29, 2005

Telltale Games - Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner interview

Emily picks the Bone clean with Telltale, discussing cows, murder, and rabbity-things.

Read interview Nov 17, 2005

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Elizabeth Cosin and Craig Brannon interview

AG profiles the upcoming Law & Order spinoff by interviewing its writer and Producer.

Read interview Oct 17, 2005

And Then There Were None - Lee Sheldon and Scott Nixon interview

AG sits down with the men behind the murders in Agatha Christie's upcoming thriller.

Read interview Sep 27, 2005

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