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Adventure game contests for Mac page 40

Showing the latest articles for Mac sorted by date published on Adventure Gamers. You can also view our complete list of top reviewed adventure games, search through or browse our Games Database (A-Z).

Sam & Max Ep 205 Article

Sam & Max: Episode 205 - What’s New, Beelzebub? review

The antics heat up in a diabolical finale that will leave players doing plenty of soul-searching... Sam & Max-style!

Review score - 4 Read the review » Apr 14, 2008

RHEM 3 review

Puzzle lovers can safely book passage for a third trip to the world of RHEM, but others may want to sign out early.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Mar 17, 2008

Sam & Max: Episode 204 - Chariots of the Dogs review

The Freelance Police soar to new heights, as the latest episode of Season Two is one for the ages.

Review score - 5 Read the review » Mar 13, 2008

Penumbra: Black Plague review

With its inspired physics-based gameplay, you'll fight fear more than foes in the chilling Penumbra conclusion.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Feb 28, 2008

Sam & Max: Episode 203 - Night of the Raving Dead review

You won't kill yourself laughing, but the undead stars of Episode 203 make for another lively Sam & Max installment.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Feb 12, 2008

Sam & Max: Episode 202 - Moai Better Blues review

The Freelance Police head to Easter Island, as their zaniest episodic adventure yet is waiting to erupt.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Jan 10, 2008

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter review

The original Space Quest may not sweep you off your feet, but proves a worthy launch point for a classic series.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Jan 4, 2008

Cleopatra: A Queen’s Destiny review

The latest historical adventure from Kheops shows signs of being stellar, but falls a little short of a crowning achievement.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Nov 20, 2007

Sam & Max: Episode 201 - Ice Station Santa review

'Tis the season for more Sam & Max, as the Freelance Police are back to usher in the holidays with another fine adventure.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Nov 8, 2007

King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder review

KQV's technical achievements speak for themselves, but the gameplay will leave many not giving a hoot.

Review score - 3 Read the review » May 25, 2007

Penumbra: Overture review

Austin is thrown to the wolves (or mutant dogs, at least) for his AG debut in this genre-blending horror adventure.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » May 15, 2007

Destination: Treasure Island review

Arrr! The latest adventure from Kheops proves to be a treasure, but you may have to hunt to find it.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Apr 27, 2007

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders review

One of the least-heralded Lucasfilm oldies is still a classic worth wrapping your brain around.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Nov 24, 2006

Maniac Mansion review

SCUMM rises to the top in this point-and-click pioneer from the early days of Lucasfilm Games.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 13, 2006

The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript review

No relation to the other Da Vinci game, this historical adventure proves worthy of the famous name it bears.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Jun 15, 2006

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