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Marek Bronstring

Staff Bio
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Articles by Marek Bronstring:

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AG new logo Article

Adventure Gamers is seeking a new owner announcement

An open letter about the longterm future of this site and new ways to develop it further.

Read announcement Jul 11, 2016
Adventure Gamers Store Article

Adventure Gamers Store opens its doors! announcement

Launching with 35 titles—including the exclusive PC debut of The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle.

Read announcement Mar 4, 2015
Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick interview - Thimbleweed Park Article

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick - Thimbleweed Park interview

The legendary genre pioneers are back and ready to walk us through their new brand new old-school project on Kickstarter.

Read interview Nov 18, 2014
AG new logo Article

Welcome to the new AG announcement

Let's celebrate Adventure Gamers' tenth anniversary together with our biggest update yet! Read about just a few of the enhancements inside, then venture out to find the rest yourselves.

Read announcement May 19, 2012
What Are Adventure Games? Article

What are adventure games?

A basic guide for newcomers to the genre.

Read more Feb 12, 2012

Joel DeYoung and Ron Gilbert interview

Joel deYoung and Ron Gilbert of Hothead Games talk about their work on Penny Arcade Adventures and the Monkey Island creator's new episodic game series.

Read interview Mar 20, 2008

Mike Levine & Larry Ahern interview

Two former LucasArts artists, one of whom co-designed The Curse of Monkey Island, talk about their new project -- and their past work.

Read interview Jan 17, 2008

A few words on editorial integrity

With the gaming media shrouded in controversy these days, Adventure Gamers remains committed to our strict impartial standards.

Read more Dec 3, 2007

Adventure game holiday shopping guide

Christmas shopping is an adventure in its own right, but Adventure Gamers is here to walk you through it. Look inside for the best 2007 gift ideas!

Read more Dec 2, 2007

Why most adventure games could use a better premise

Too many adventures collapse due to a weak, generic foundation that doesn't support the gameplay.

Read more Nov 25, 2007

Bill Tiller - A Vampyre Story interview

Insight and incisors abound, as the acclaimed LucasArts veteran tells us why his hot new vampire adventure won't suck.

Read interview Oct 5, 2007
A Vampyre Story Article

A Vampyre Story first look archived preview

Autumn Moon's long awaited comic adventure was on display at GC, and Marek stuck his neck out to grab an early look.

Hal Barwood - Mata Hari interview

The walls have ears, and now everyone can eavesdrop as Hal Barwood talks up his new espionage thriller.

Read interview Sep 14, 2007

GC 2007 in Pictures

GC is all over except for the memories... and a whole bunch of photo evidence. (No names changed to protect the innocent.)

Read more Sep 3, 2007

Mata Hari first look archived preview

The upcoming spy thriller was on display at GC, and Marek offers more than just a few token impressions.

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