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Marek Bronstring

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Articles by Marek Bronstring:

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The Future of Adventure Games

In this colossal feature, Marek laments the low quality of adventure games, but also offers a vision for the genre's future.

Read more Dec 19, 2003

Terry Dowling interview

The writer of Schizm and the upcoming Chameleon shares his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Read interview Oct 8, 2003

Cypher archived preview

A look at the 3D sequel to Traitors Gate,

Uru archived preview

Uru promises to be the first multiplayer adventure game. Will it deliver?

Broken Sword 3 hands-on archived preview

We bring you a hands-on preview of what has become the most anticipated adventure game.

The Longest Journey 2 archived preview

Ragnar Tornquist talks about his new brainchild for the first time.

Project Jane-J archived preview

Acclaimed designer Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight) reveals her plans for a new series.

Sam & Max: Freelance Police archived preview

A world exclusive preview of LucasArts' new graphic adventure! Includes Q&A with designer Mike Stemmle.

Full Throttle II: Hell On Wheels archived preview

Benoît Sokal interview

Read interview Apr 29, 2003

Curse of Atlantis archived preview

The Adventure Company Europe

We were in Paris for the launch of a new Dreamcatcher subsidiary.

Read more Mar 7, 2003

Dave Grossman interview

Read interview Feb 18, 2003

Chris Bateman on Discworld Noir interview

Read interview Feb 7, 2003

Full Throttle 2 archived preview

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