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GC 2007 in Pictures

It was an exhausting but fun few days at Games Convention. We'll be posting more articles from the show in the next couple of days -- some of them by myself, others by our German friends at Adventure-Treff, who had a large crew to the show. But for now, here's some pictures I took at the show. (Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.)

Image #1 Image #2 Image #3
The Leipzig convention center's main hall is made of glass, which looks fantastic but gets really hot as soon as the sun comes up. It's Steve Ince! His jacket was too warm for GC, but he wore it anyway, for it has many useful pockets. You heard it here first. Steve is working with Wizarbox on the comedy adventure So Blonde. Several camera crews showed up for his demos.
Image #4 Image #5 Image #6
Hal Barwood (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis) was at the dtp booth to show us Mata Hari. On my way to an appointment, I randomly bumped into two of the guys who are making Broken Sword 2.5, the unofficial fan-made sequel to Broken Sword 2. Secret Files 2 and Perry Rhodan were prominently featured at Deep Silver's public booth.
Image #7 Image #8 Image #9
This bridge connects two halls and is accessible to industry professionals only. The other bridges were for the public and had hordes of people on them. JoWood's booth had a Sam & Max car. Not a real DeSoto, but close. And there's the infamous Sam suit. I would have taken a silly picture if I wasn't in such a hurry.
Image #10 Image #11 Image #12
The JoWood booth was entirely Sam & Max themed. Sam and Max RETTEN DIE WELT, apparently. What lies in Sam and Max's trunk?
Image #13   Image #14
Many fans showed up at the ANACONDA booth to get an autograph from Hal Barwood. Martin Ganteföhr (Overclocked) and Steve Ince (So Blonde) had their own signing sessions. Hal told us with much pleasure how some booth babes allegedly wanted a photo with the creator of Fate of Atlantis. "Nerds rule!," Hal said. Speaking of booth babes, ever seen one for an adventure game? Now you have! Funcom, if you're reading this: Zoë Castillo and April Ryan booth babes... make it happen.
Image #15 Image #16 Image #17
The dtp booth, home of some of the most anticipated adventure games. The Overclocked clock. It ticks backwards. Some games from dtp's adventure lineup.
Image #18 Image #19 Image #20
A riveting close-up of Undercover: Dual Motives The WCG (a worldwide pro gaming tournament) had a large presence at GC. Yes, there were non-adventure games too. Say hello to this Big Daddy from BioShock.
Image #21 Image #22 Image #23
Bosco staging some kind of GC revolution, perhaps. Only two people take note. Secret Files 2 at Deep Silver's public booth. From the left: Steve Ince, Burak Barmanbek (Culpa Innata), Marco Rosenberg and Jan Schneider (both from Adventure-Treff). In the doorway: Tran Trung Hiep, head of Sales & Marketing at House of Tales.
Image #24 Image #25 Image #26
Part of the Adventure-Treff crew, who are officially awesome. The mirror image will presumably show up on their site. Claas Paletta (PR Manager) and Jan Müller-Michaelis (Creative Director) of A New Beginning developer Daedalic. Bill Tiller's (A Vampyre Story) luggage got lost at the airport, which had his prized LucasArts jacket inside. He is wearing a shirt from a German store, crying inside.
Image #27 Image #28 Image #29
Martin Ganteföhr enjoys a smoke after a long day at the show. Freaky lighting courtesy of hall windows opening. A slightly less extreme picture of Martin Ganteföhr. Crimson Cow wins the Adventure Gamers' Games Convention 2007 Best Adventure Game Press Kit Award. Inside: posters of A Vampyre Story and The Abbey, factsheets, postcards and a vampyric energy drink (and not some O-type vintage, we hope).
Image #30 Image #31 Image #32
So Blonde stickers, and an Ankh badge holder. These rotating ads were all over Leipzig's main train station. It was incredible to see over a dozen soft drinks ads lining the walls rotating out with Sam & Max taking over. A glorious closeup of aforementioned ad.

Well, that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned for more coverage of the show.

Photos by Marek Bronstring.


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